Movies that worth watching

Had a movie marathon

1st was up in the air by Jason Reitman
I feel like I become more motivate do things that I wanted to long time ago after watching it. πŸ™‚ there’re some qoute and lines in the movie which I find it quite interesting and nice.

Went into wonderland. Alice in the wonderland by Tim Burton

It wasn’t the same story like what we watch Alice when we are young. It is actually some sort like part 2 of alice of wonderland which telling the story of grown up 19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the Red Queen’s reign of terror.

Storyline okokler but I like the make-up of Helena Bonham Carter. Nice. Whenever there’re Tim Burton’s movie we will definitely see his wife Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp as the casts wan πŸ™‚

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story by Lasse HallstrΓΆm
It has been a while I never see Richard Gere. Mummy’s idol hehe
Akitas, a japanese dog which very loyal to the owner. Yee U can consider of getting urself an akitas after Max end his life. πŸ˜›

A true story about An American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko. This very special friend would accompany his master to the train station every day and return each afternoon to greet him after work. Sadly his master departs one day, passes away and never returns to the station. Hachiko faithfully returns to the same spot at the station the very next day, and every day for the next nine years to wait for his beloved master. During his daily visits, Hachiko touches the lives of many who work near and commute through the town square. He teaches the local people love, compassion and above all unyielding loyalty. Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya station in Japan as a permanent reminder of his devotion and love.

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Eno 1815 High tea

7th March 2010 – Lovely Sunday.

Went over to EnO’s 1815 high tea restaurant to enjoyed ourselves with a lovely English High Tea. It was our 1st time having our high tea in such an expensive hotel restaurant. It was a great experience I could have say.

Every single utensils from tea-pot to the plate is like to english-ish πŸ™‚ Suddenly I’ve forgotten and actually it makes me thought that I am a rich tai tai chiak pa bo su zho too much free time and enjoying the food my lovely high-tea πŸ™‚

The cream and the berry jam goes so well together with the scones tough I am not a jam lover.

The tiny mini chicken pie and scones. *slurp*

the beef, salmon and cucumber sandwiches πŸ™‚

My favorite mini cookies and cakes

Time to start *nom nom nom nom*

What a lovely day. ? hope that I get to go England to enjoyed the high-tea there soon.


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Boys over flowers

Has been super busy lately. My daily routine : Work , after work , watch drama.

I am so into Boys over flowers the Korean F4 drama. OMG so lovely. Thanks to Lee Soo Yee again for transferred the series into my lappie hugs!! Finally I’ve finished watching all 25 episode of BOF wheeeeee~
Korean F4 so much nicer than Taiwanese that I watched don’t know how many years ago. The guys really all I MEAN ALL also charming til the max, esp. Yoon Ji Hoo. My ?

Left top : adorable playboy Song Yi Jung
Right top : My SUPER favourite flower boy gentle, good looking, perfect Yoon Ji Hoo
Left bottom : cute, funny, sucks English Song Woo Bin
Right bottom : Funny, cute, emotional Gu Jun Pyo

Kim Hyun Joong, why do I only discovered him now??? I didn’t know there’s such talented guy in Korea *hahahahaha over exaggerate* He’s the leader in the group of SS501. He can dance, he can sing, he can act, he can play piano, violin, harmonica, guitar, he can ride bike, oh my love.

I know I’ve been bothering Radius and Arkarri about Yoon Ji Hoo, but isn’t he lovely? I couldn’t shift my eyes away while I watching to the drama whichever there’s a scene of him. How I wish I can just give him a hug and lend him my shoulder when he got hurt by Jandi.

He looks simply adorable even he’s eating kiddo’s food, hahahahahaha SO CUTE!

Ji hoo is a very perfect character in the drama. There impossible to have this kind of guy in the real life. The unconditional and unselfishness of love he gave to Jandi is like so romantic-ly make all the girls felt jealous. He just keep on give out without hoping for any return. wow!! I believe not every guy can do that actually. Is not easy.

He looks exactly like a “white horse prince” which will only appear in fairy tales. OH MY GOD!!! where to find this kind of guy.

My Favourite screenshot throughout the whole series. ? best betui!

I feel like wanna pinch his face. *evil knievel*

I love him the most when he wore his spec. hahahahahahahahahahaha super cute man!

Ji Hoo sunbea ?

They are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen in my life. Both of them just so cute. They should have be together in real life ler. ?

Not just flower guys handsome but the girls all very gorgeous and pretty as well. So watch it!!! πŸ™‚

My two most favourite songs
Because I am stupid (acoustic version) – Kim Hyun Joong

Do you know – Someday

I always feel emo whenever the songs play in the series. πŸ™ I feel like watching it over and over again. hahahahaha Korean F4 are ALL so freakin’ HOTT!
Though the story is already predictable because I’ve watch Meteor Garden, I can’t help but notice how AMAZING and SUPERB their PRODUCTION is. I just so addicted to this ?


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