ooooo…… Finally it’s all back muahahahahaha!
I waited for so long. has been only watching dl-ed movies all these while ohhhhh lovely finally it’s back.

Gossip Girls season 3
The only thing I dont like about it is the super duper hyper complicated relationship between each and everyone of them. SUPER! but this is the movies all about. The director super cute ler but too bad RACIST!! until now has already season 3 and i dont even see one of a black guy and black girl in there. tsk tsk racist!

Fringe season 2
Oh awesome by far my No.1 tv show! Damn chi kek wei! trust me U will love me. Every episode can always take u up to the climax! damn syok when u watch it.

How I met your mother season 5
Awwwww….. this one BEST! U will never feel stress watching it. So nice and funny. The best comedy! I love barney!

P/s: Bert, How i Met your mother is back!!!!!!!! wait for it……

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Soul Bali trip

See I told ya, I was there toooooo!!! It was a nice holiday. hehehehe
1st we went to Tanah Lot

Then Kintamani to see the volcano mountain

Oh SHIT!!! Look at this man! I couldnt believe it was HIM!!! Bapuk macam ni hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

A big group photo before we say bye bye to Bali….. 🙁

now u believe me? hahahahahhhahahahahahahahaha I was there what see! 😛

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Souvenirs from Bali

Wheeeeeee~ finally i got my souvenirs from Bali.

They are mine

ALL MINE!!! muahahahahahahahaahhahaahahhaahah

got 2 pairs of dress, 2 shorts, 1 shawl, one lousy pasar malam type blouse and 2 bags actually and one bag is for my cousin and one shirt for *me love* so actually not totally all mine ler *tee hee*

Oh well, It’s my turn to go Bali in 4 months time. wee woo wee woo

So babes, Whoever wants to order bags pls let me know before I go Bali. *wink wink* of course I will charge more than the actual price but definitely I can guarantee U cant get that price in Malaysia. Have to earn back some trip money back what and also the tax for help to carry those bags hahahaha

Heritage :

Unique :

Lovely :

Will be upload some of the Bali pictures real soon. Trust me, I was there actually. IT’S TRUE!!!! Don’s believe me? U will know after this 😛

P/s: Lesson Learned – Never traveling with my family ( dad, actually ) hahaha too much stories that make me love to travel alone than with my dad. So i rather earn myself spent myself of course if is sponsor even best.

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