P/s : Don’t know it was because I noob or photoshop lame I’ve been trying to use the save action tools to do the edit-ting for the photos but FAILED. so I had to edit manually *grrrrrrrrr*

I think the Balinese ladies are damn healthy. YOGA early in the morning at the beach. Babes sekalian u girls should do that also ler hahahahahaha

They are soooooooooooooo co-operative. Gotong-royong early in the morning. It makes me feel so malu why there are no one like them in my own country????

Good morning, everyone!

Rented a scooter from the tune hotel which costs only Rp. 50, 000 = MYR 17 for 24 hours SO CHEAP! Luckily we both can ride a bike that’s the benefits of learning bike *tee hee*

This time we had KFC instead for our breakfast.

Why is it the burger here also as small as M’sia???  *pondering*

Went back and changed and started our journey. Wanted to go over to the Discovery mall to get my contact lens as I lost it in the sink but it was too early and the mall still close. so walked pass to the opposite road and I get my 1st pair of surf brand flip-flop. wheeeeeee happy.

In Bali Kuta area there are alot lot lot lot of surfer brand shop and most of it are quite huge.

As we walked around and suddenly I spotted an optical shop *jumping up and down*

and got myself a box of contact lens for my left eye.

Then we head over to matahari to checked on the price of the Indomee.

Matahari is a super market in Kuta Square.

Then went over to the Pasar Seni Kuta. The price here definitely are way much expensive than Sukawati and after I bargain tak successful walked away the ladies don’t even bother also *cis* teruk punya attitude HMPH!

But honestly ler the things in Bali more a less the same wan.

Do u know that actually in Bali they had bungy jump for it?

But only 45m nia ler hm….. I would rather take the money go for New Zealand 145m wan, ai die ho ee die die khi more chi kek!!! hahaha

Alot of Max’s friends was there. 🙂

Was starving like hell so we hunt for food.

Saw this warong murah nearby hmmmm sounds good.

tried their economy rice.  Cheap and good!

?  ?  ?  ?

Since at Bali most of the girls can even wore a bikini to shop so I “zao kuin” also tak apa d ler I feel so free there. They won’t even bother to look like u upskirt, nipple slip……. because there are sooooo many sexies out there.

Was dying to had myself a pedicure. So we went opposite the shop where we had our massage on day 2

I’ve never tried pedicure in my life before so since I am now in Bali d why not give it a try.

Feels soooooooo good being pampered now I know why Barney Stinson in HIMYM likes pedicure d hahahahaha.

See my toes looks clean and nice which only costs me Rp. 50, 000 = MYR 17 only cheap CHEAP!!! Too bad I run out of time or else I’ll continue nail art also which also costs Rp. 50, 000 nia OMG!!!!!

If I happen to stay in Bali I will go massage, pedicure, manicure, nail art EVERYDAY!!!!

Took a short walk along the street to had a final shopping and Boo caught this two little horny flies made ? in the day!!!!!!! This flies RAPIST ler hahahaha

Oh finally I bought this hat as on the 1st day I’ve already told Chris that I wanted to buy a hat HERE!

Syok betui!

Back to the hotel to leave our shopping stuffs in the room and saw this basket of flowers and joystick.

In Bali they pray twice a day U can see this in front of EVERY SINGLE shop/houses everyday.

Finally we manage to go over to Kuta Beach.

I wanted to see naked muscle ang mo wan ler 🙁 but all Balinese!!!!! >.<!!!

Tak apa I see my boo! 🙂

Hang out a lil. while on the beach until it reach dinner time.

This is one of the transportation in Bali. Semacam like “toot toot” in Thai but this one use horse instead.

The van full with passenger >.<!!! they even sit on the side window godness

I felt our Malaysia’s taxi damn pathetic ler we are all same 3rd world country but you see Thailand and Indonesia they can even use toyotaVios as taxi but us 🙁 proton aikss

Ok to be honest WE seriously support Warung Murni ALOT. Compare to Made’s warong, Murni are way much better in terms of CHEAP and GOOD!!! The mak cik and pak cik super friendly. Murni rocks man!

Had soto ayam, so far my super favourite food that I like in Bali. It rocks my taste bud! Costs Rp. 12,000 = MYR 4

Ayam Bumbu also damn good, Rp. 15, 000 = MYR 5

back to the hotel and clean up ourself, realize that I actually had sunburn.

Get ready to ber-romance in Bali. ?

Drove to Legian road to check out the nightlife. Fuh luckily it doesn’t turn out like langkawi so pathetic no night life.

In fact Bali night life are quite happening. This is one of the club that they have this girls dancing in the cage!!! wow!

So we walked down to the bomb memorial

to snap a picture. This is why a bomb memorial was create.

The name of the bar attracted us, so we decided to give Vi Ai Pi a try.

Is an open restaurant and bar where u can see the view from the top.

Had strawberry daiquiri cocktail as they are having happy our promotion which is buy one free one 🙂

And enjoyed the live band.

This is the petrol station in Kuta, Pertamina.

Full of bikers!

initially we was planned to checked out the Hard Rock Cafe.

But they charge Rp. 90,000 = MYR 30 per person for the cover charge hmmm because they had this band call Mr. Botax to launch their new album and giving us Heineken instead of Bintang 🙁 too bad ler If is PETERPAN then want me to pay 100 bucks to go in also kam muan but sorry ler Mr. botax i dont know who u are, NOT INTERESTED! and I was craving for BINTANG!!!!

So we walked around Kuta Area in the night. Our hard rock is a guitar wheres in Bali is a Surf board.

Then it started to rain again 🙁 sad ler. so we decided to go back to MURNIIII!!!!!!! yay!!

Had maggie goreng for supper.

And my favourite Bintang beer yay!!

Went back and packed our stuff as tomorrow is our last day 🙁 so sad!

My shopping items for the 3rd day 🙂

*light off*

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Woke up for the Mcd as breakfast as so early in the morning there’re not much places that you can have breakfast. I guess the indonesian and ang mors don’t eat breakfast??? hmmm……. Surfer McRonald.

Had a cup of hot tea

And a gourmet wrap as in the foldover in M’sia 🙂

The prices here are much more expensive than we can get in M’sia. I was so hoping to get the pork burger that I can found in Thailand but too bad 🙁 not in Indonesia.

This is how the kuta beach look like when it’s morning.

They had a bank call CIMB as well hahahaha international man. Don’t think that OCBC here abit lousy, they actually got OCBC at there also lor. Mai siau siau

I think Odysseys is the most famous surf school in Bali. Ok please ignore the lamnua-ness of me as I hvn’t took my bath yet hahahahaha

Headed back to the hotel and cleaned up. As we have to meet Dean at 9am in the morning.

Cui Lin said this picture is CUTE, I trusted her lor hahahahahahaha. I know I am over high-self esteem hehehehehehehehe BUT I TRUST U CUI LIN. CUTE RIGHT?????  *grin*

It was raining on the 2nd day. soooooo sad!!! But we were so lucky that we got shelter throughout the whole journey because we are travel with car.

As it still rain heavily so we stopped by a gems and jewellery shops to take a look. If I am rich enough I will buy a pendant for my grandmum. So unique and nice man!

The ambiance of the shop.

The toilet sign I would say it looks very authentic instead of cute.

After a short tour in the shop we then were brought to the Pasar Seni Sukawati which is also my favourite place to shop because YOU CAN BARGAIN REAL HARD with them *evil grin* I am so evil ler. Dean said normally morning is the very good time to go because in Bali they believe in GOOD LUCK PRICE fuh f’king nice! I ? it so much!

It actually looks like a morning market but with shelter there are sooooooo many things for you to see. sooooo many clothes and bags and paintings and sarongs………………….so many. One thing I don’s like about them is they really trying hard to ask you to just go in to their stall and have a look. EVERY SINGLE STALL OMG!!!!!!

We spent the whole morning shopping at Sukawati until noon time we went over to Ibu Oka which famous for their Babi Guling. 

Cute piggies on the main door to welcome you. 

They had a set of babi guling meal and also alacarte 

So I go for alacarte.  This one costs Rp. 25, 000 = MYR 9 wheres the set costs Rp. 40,000 = MYR 14 

The chilies that I don’t even dare to try. It doesn’s look appealing to me but according to my boo he said this is very spicy! 

Actually I don’t really like the babi guling 🙁 It doesn’t suit my taste bud but boo loves it. 

Here we go again. 

Hahahahahaha hello!

Then we stopped by the Padi Teres while we are on the way up to the Gunung Kintamali.

Oppsie sorry for blocking the view.

The place is like so fabulous. really so amazing Bali is.

The greenery with the combination of  a “Balinese girl” so authentic right? hahahaha *blush* thanks Dean for the nice shot. It make me looks so Balinese. There are an open view restaurant where you can have your lunch seeing the view of the padi teres. Too bad we are too full. 

Here it is the Kintamali Volcano. 

The temperature high up here is very cold. The cold-ness is like Genting type of cold so is very nice. the air smell fresh but too bad it was raining at that time so we couldn’t get the clear nicer view of it. 

The lava  rocks

We “curi” two lava rocks on the way down. *shhhhhhhhhh* but very special souveniers for ourself where we couldn’t buy it with cash. 

Then to the place where we can have the most expensive kopi luwak.

According to Sabrina, she said this shot looks like I am playing A E I O U hahaha *gotcha*

Spotted the  Passion fruits!

This is each one of the poop that came out from the animal to make the coffee luwak. The female wan is on the right and male wan is on the left. The one which cost a lot wan is the male’s poop. I don’t understand how the hell coffee that made out of shit can costs so much?

Time to make some coffee

Ok try HARDER!!

I ni kacau kacau ler. The man was sitting aside frying the coffee beans wheres I go kacau said I wana take photo hahahahaha. 

A very relaxing place to had a cup coffee way much better than hang out at starbucks or coffee bean. Here the air are fresher. 

But of course the coffee not cheap also ler 🙂 but when you buy one cup of kopi luwak it comes with 5 free drinks. 

Our drinks!

After a nice hang out we shop around and *me love* bought a box of coffee luwak which costs Rp. 600, 000 = MYR 200 thats is why I said most expensive coffee in the world I think. 🙂 Orang kaya niiii~ hehe 

Normally along the road you can see alot alot alot of padi field on your left and right. 

The people craving the Garuda. As you can see they do it by hand not machine so you can imagine how detail it is.

Went over to a supermarket for pee pee.

It written there tempat kencing I wonder what if  I wanna poo poo where should I go???? 😛

I realize that they use flush for the public toilet, they normally had a small pail inside.

Did some lil. grocery shopping with a super mini trolley.

Ngurah Rai, the hero for them.

I like the phrase here “Merdeka atau Mati”

Finally here we reached Tanah Lot. A must go spot when you’re in Bali.

Because you will die for it’s mind-blasting scenery there.

It was really big so we couldn’d manage to finish visit the whole temple as we are in rush. I will definitely come back here again for the next trip when it’s not high-tight season.

Here’s the pro. camera man, Dean. 🙂 Even the gay couple also asked for him to snap picture for them as he looks like a pro.

Ok a very old school romantic shot. *tee hee*

He prefer to put on his Rayban sunnie.

The water is too high so we couldn’t go over to the other side of the temple.

Act gaya. *CIS* but gaya jugak ler heheheheheh

The sky is getting dark so we had to leave.

The policemen.

We had one of the bakso as dinner.

According to Dean, normally bakso is the snack not as main food.  Rp. 6,000 = MYR 2

He loves bakso.

So are we.

After we bid goodbye to Dean as his schedule is like so full that we can only manage to booked him for one and a half day only.

Then we walked down to the road nearby our hotel and found this massage shop.

Had an one hour foot massage which only costs Rp. 45, 000 = MYR 15 SUPER cheap man I love it, can even gave them tips somemore hahahaha I feel like I am a millionaire  in Indonesia.

Was massaged by this sweet cewek ” means girls in Indo”, called Alice.

As it still rain heavily so we decided not to walk so far to Jalan Legian for night life so we just walked down to the warong nearby for Bintang Beer. I had Bintang beer almost every night in Bali. I just loves it cheap and taste so smooth.

Back to the hotel and start packing my shopping items for the day

So it was end of Day 2. ?

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8th January 2010

P/s : finally finish editing of the Day 1 photos, phewww~

Finally after waited for almost a year to this day.
It was our 1st trip together to Bali, Indonesia. Woke up super early to catch our flight. I ? flying with air asia. Cheap and good and it makes my traveling dream come true.

It was so damn early.

Here we fly up high to the sky. Have you ever seen the clouds from the top?

and we were so lucky that we get to catch the sunrise from the sky as well wheeee~ ?

Fully rise. My new experience.

The budget airlines Air asia was so high-tech until come out with an self check-in kiosk machine at LCCT airport.

But the machine so damn lousy until we couldn’t checked in by using that so ended up we still need to queue up to checked in *grrrrrrr*

After we got our ticket pass

we headed to LCCT old town to had our brunch. The prices are slightly more expensive than the usual Old town we can get in Penang but still FULL with peoples.

So we wait until it reached our boarding time to go into the boarding gate.

and luckily I brought my laptop with me so get to online at the airport while waiting for the flight.

There, our flight.

here we flew again.

Had to filled in the custom form before we landed.

Was welcome-d by our driver Dean. Everybody say hello to Dean.

Driver with distinction!!!!!!! trust me he’s worth what you pay. I think by far the best in Bali.

Say Hi to the wonders of Bali. Most of the building sculpture are all come with two separated design. According to Dean he said this one was represent the Ying and Yang.

It was lunch time when we reached to Dean recommended us to tried this restaurant for lunch before we headed to our hotel. At 1st me and my boo both was kinda scare the price will costs us alot by looking the outlook and ambiance of this place but it turned out surprisingly cheap and good.

Nice ambiance.

very Bali-nese style. I like.

Had Nasi oncom which cost only Rp 8000  = MYR 2

Yummy Cah Tauge-tauhu-ikan asin which cost Rp. 12 000 = MYR 4

Gepuk Serundeng which is beef with coconut topping Rp. 8500

and Flying Gurame Rp. 39 000 = MYR 13. I feel so kesian see-ing the fish eaten by us 🙁 but I can’t help it, it was so delicious.

We spent our 3 nights in Tune hotel, Kuta which costs only MYR 55 for all three nights which is super damn cheap.

Our room no. 203

The toiletries.

Eventough the room is not huge and big like 4 or 5  stars hotel but is just a place to sleep for the nights only as long as it is clean, comfortable and convenient.

Then we continue our 1st day journey with Dean.

He was the highly recommended driver by trip advisor. Always fully booked by the tourists but of course he costs more than other drivers in Bali but as I said he’s worth what you paying with no bargain. He told us that usually Malaysian are the one who loves to bargain hard, hahahah we was like so malu man eventough we didn’t bargain but it feels so memalukan with our malaysian’s bargain habits.

The road in Bali are surprisingly narrow, there’s just one lane and this they already consider as main road d, my godness so can U imagine how good is the driving are in Bali?

I said : F’king GOOD!!! Penang also cannot compete with them.

1st stop in Bali was the Uluwatu temple.

Temple’s rules.

Those who wear shorts have to tied the cloth.

Say Hi to my Bali-nese boyfriend

Usually I don’t feel anything that can impressed me by looking at other people’s picture of uluwatu until I, myself been there only I felt “WOAhhhhhhhhhhhhh” so impressive man, YOU definitely can’t get that kind of nice view in Penang. Really mind-blasting!

As there got alot alot alot of monkeys so you have to be aware, not to wear sunglasses or any accessories that will easily grab by the monkeys. and if you got food on your hand the monkeys will come to you and beg u for the food.  🙂

Throughout the whole trip there’s only the two of us but Dean drove a Kijang.

On the way down, we stopped by at a place which according to Dean on dry hot season normally here got alot of surfers surfing here, but too bad when we went that time it was a raining season in Bali.

? the glass house and the clear blue sea.

There are also alot of  Garuda statue in Bali which all done by hand craving. REALLY very details.

As when we reached Bali that time it was already Noon time so we don’t have much time to travel every single place in Bali.

As for the night, we went to Made’s warong at Kuta for dinner.

Pork ribs in young papaya Rp. 45 000 = MYR 15

Fried noodles special Rp. 35 000 = MYR 12

Fruit salad Rp. 20 000 = MYR 7 which is goes very well with the lime as topping.

Ohhhh my favourite beer in Bali. You can’t get bintang beer at anywhere else but Indonesia. Awesome beer. It is as smooth as Heineken not like cheapskate carlsberg or tiger beer that u feel very gassy when u drink.

all this patung was actually looking at me when I had my dinner >.<!!!

After dinner headed back to hotel and recharge the energy for the day 2 trip.

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