Still love susan boyle??? ok try this u will definitely love them than susan boyle. 100% guarantee

I love them soooooooooo much! so damn much! 😛 wait til i found the link for semi-final and audition then u will LOVE THEM very much! aler susan boyle is nothing for me right now!
I couldnt find the link for the performance.
just click on this to view the keat-ness of Diversity
and also
my favourite one the audition

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Champions League final

Barcelona defeated MU with the result of 2-0??
Everyone’s msn msg are all about Barcelona….
Eventough Im not a big fans of football
but I always support red devil no matter how 😛

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my favourite blogs

There are a few blogs that I visit everyday. It’s part of my daily routine.

No. 1- Famouschris *me love* blog. Started to view it eversince I 1st discovered his facebook 😛 Seriously I read all I mean ALL of it. ? always no. 1 Fan of famouschris.

No. 2- KennySia the best blog that i’ve ever read. It contains of humor and yet it is fun to read it compare to dawn yang’s and xia xue’s blog.

No. 3- Fernie’s blog I’ve got no choice but I had to click on it everyday. hahahahaha eventough it makes me feel so uncomfortable when I read it because it contains alot of babyboy here and there, all those love love romance here and there but ya I love it because it’s the only way to update myself with ur daily life.

No. 4- Xuele’s blog Same goes to this. Eventough alot of emo stuff but I had to. hahahahaha Go girl!

No. 5- Tutu’s blog lalalalalalalalal~ sweet pie~ funny when I see alot of syok sendiri’s pictures of her in there.


The blogs that I visit almost everyday but lack of updates!







Food’s blog that I love to visit!

Best of Penang food


Superficial the blog of celebrities’s gossip and alot of nipple slip ler, upskirt photo but with a star pasting onto it so there come another interesting one

Uncensored *wink wink* awesome blog!!!! really awesome hahahahaha

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