17 July 2010

Woke up with a last healthy breakfast 🙁 Time to go home.

Left the metlink card for the owner as there’s re still 2 more unused slots left.

Took a cab

I started to miss Melbourne already 🙁 I dont want to go home.

Tullamarine airport again

As it stated there check in open for our flight to kl

so we headed to checked ourself  in

Full with people

we had 2 trolley full of luggages

got our boarding pass, good quality compare to what we usually get.

time to hunt for some food.

billie chu reminds me of my lady boss billie chee. 🙂

Decided to had subway instead.

ordered our food

each of had our footlong all by ourself.

dine in with a fantastic view

After we were done, we headed for the international departures terminal.

Expensive souvenirs for the besties

Our flight arrived just in time

I love air asia X so much.

because we got more leg room and even got ourself the whole 3 free seats.

I’ve been sleeping alot in the plane. 🙁

the ePlayer catalogue

Chris’s was the 1st one who woke up

and he ordered himself a RM36 lamb rendang. It doesn’t look good to put it into the mouth at all by looking it.

This is always the BEST VIEW whenever I am.

It was 7.05pm, dinner time

Had our ordered meal

Smokey BBQ Chicken, Yum yum yum.

and it came with a bottle of 350ml of water

you are suppose to drink as much water to keep yourself away from dehydrated

reached Lcct

got our luggages

Queued up to checked ourself in.

switched our watch back to malaysia time

boarding passes

Had dinner at Taste of Asia

oredered a fried bihun with beef rendang.

Waited at the departure gate for our flight.

I still prefer Air asia X 🙁

Arrived at Penang International Airport.

bought a passport holder for myself

which costs me AUD 13.63 which is RM41 😛

all the souvenirs from Melbourne

clothes for myself yay!!!!

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