special post for my friends

Ya say me pathetic yes I am but now I know I really miss my friends, I really do!
U guys always say : ” aler u got him, no worries ler. We are nothing to you ler ” 🙁
Been alone for few days, seriously it’s not fun at all. Not At All!
Ya I got him but what if What if what if he’s not with me?
and what if when his plan doesnt including me?
I still miss u guys the most
Hang out together no matter what time or when
Just a call. Then on.
Wasting and killing our time for nothing
shopping, gossiping, movies, drinking session…….
I am so sick of myself ler. so not me lately.
How I wish , U guys are all still here.

p/s: a post for all my friends. U know who u are *heart* hugsss!

Aha! hahahahahhaa Ignore the old version. We are all young people, we love remix

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Pa-the-tic! H e l p m e.

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