Movie Marathon

Had all high-rated movie marathon for the weekends.

Rating : 8.0 (IMDb)
*thumbs up* eventough is just one man show but the storyline is good. Quite interesting.

2012 Rating : 6.4 (IMDb)
So far this surprise me. It does. The rating for this movie is like so damn low. hmmm the reviews are not so positive. to me was okler. but the 3D effect from Industrial Light & Magic really awesome.

District 9 Rating : 8.4 (IMDb)
I tell ya this is fcuking awesome. FCUKING AWESOME. so damn good and the review and rating are all so high I dont know why there’re still so many friends around me said not nice, fcuking shit movie??? hmmm….. so good man. I felt like puking after watching it. It shows the hopes from the other side. The main actor’s acting is good.

Inglorius Basterds Rating : 8.5 (IMDb)
Fuh Quentin Tarantino sipek keat. I watched District 9 in the morning and Inglorius in the night fuh double the feel of puke-ness
But the show is good. After that I had a history class by *me love* about the Jews and Nazi; Between the white and the black; and also Malaysia ( luckily last time I didnt pay attention in the class or study hard for History class because I just get to know that alot info from history text book are fake one ) Racism and discrimination is still everywhere right now aikss…. What’s the point? All this reminds me of the Japanese and the Chinese last time.

After all the violence best movies of course there’re some romance.

The Classic

It’s a korean romance movie. I was having my menstrual pain that night I couldnt focus and pay attention on the movie but so far still ok for me 🙂

500 days of Summer Rating : 8.2 (IMDb)
I like this movie. 🙂

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Songs that I love lately

Weee woooo I love this when it plays with my Sonic gear’s speaker with the full bass and the volume turned on wooooooooooooooTtttttttt! awesome.

Thanks to gossip girls Im so loving with Plastiscines.
B I T C H I am a bitch!

I actually prefer this version than TI wan.

Scary powerful voice he had. MY GOD!

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