wish of love

Happy new year!
Welcome 2009! Bye bye 2008!
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well well~ i guess this might be the last post for 2008

I love waking up beside u for the last time in the year 2008.
There’s up and down i guess but im lucky to have u .
Graduated and started to work, feel lucky to found the one i love-w3rk!
1st pay day that i experienced!

started a new blog for myself.
Bangkok trip and kl trip with dearest!
Got myself a new camera and new friends of course!

Party hard this year! fuh!
growth 4kg~

Thank list:
Family : I always love to be grown up in this family.
Eventough sometime i might be rude and sometime we did have some little problem and started cold war! but still i love u all the most!

Babe : U’re always my love one. eventough I always told u I dont believe in forever love but seriously ler there’s no such thing called forever love but there’s love always! 😛 Im glad that i found u. Love you!

Best sisters : you, you and you!! YES YOU! thank you for being my best babes such a long period i know it’s hard to deal with me sometime but i promise no matter ho0w or what U gurls are always my best! Best of the best! hugs~ I miss pillow talk d ler

College friends : oh no! there’s too much of u all dii! is okie im gonna say this to all of u! I MISS U GUYS SO MUCH LER! thanks for helping me thru out the who semester in college. thanks for giving me such a wonderful college life seriously i mean it esp. those who always help me *wink wink* u know who u are hahahaha *muakz* i enjoy every moment that happen in college life. eventough i always hate eaa so much but still i want to say EQUATOR ROCKS! lol

Lecturers : a very big thank you! -bow- eventough i don’t learn much but at least i learned!

Old friends : I don’t really get to see u guys that much but everytime u guys come back i love hanging out with u all and so im now looking foward for chinese new year hehehe that’s the only time everyone will be here i guess!

New friends : I don’t really know u guys that long but I would love to say I AM HAPPY TO KNOW U GUYS! thanks for everything.

Colleagues : Ok now your turn! 🙂 Eventough i just started to joined w3rk but of course i love working there having all of u guys and gurls, man and woman, chabo and tapo as colleagues. It’s nice and fun and i learn!

Last but not least I AM Sorry. so sorry to all those people that i hurt. i know sometime my words or my joke sounded sarcastic and hurt and might make u feel uncomfortable.

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oh well

How many i got in there?

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