A long lost friend

Dear friend,

It wasn’t easy for all of your friends to accept the fact that u’ve gone at the young age.

I do remembered we met in the year 2003 , 8 year ago, couldn’t believe it was that long. Was shocked when Adrian told me the news, was hard for everyone to see you one last time when you are sleeping inside the coffin. 🙁

I couldn’t believe that new year eve was the last time I get to said “Hi” and the next time I saw you was attending your funeral last night. All of the sudden, there are some flash back memories. You used to called me, and we used to share our “sim su” long long long time ago after traplex. I remembered what you told me about the romantic stuffs you did to your girlfriend, and there was once you called me when you’re drunk.

My friend,

Even tough, we’ve lost contact after that but you will forever be missed. May you rest in peace. ?

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1st car in my life-PED

Eversince I started my new job I have a big problem with my transportation so I’ve came out with why not buy myself a car?? Was having a long consideration of wheter getting myself a new car or a used car.

Wise advice from vice man : Don’t fall into salary trap. Once you bought a new car u will bond with the installment and interest for a few years and worst come to worst you have to HAVE a job in order to pay the bank, and after a few years If you plan to change to a better car even if to sell of the car you will lose at least 10k and above of money. On the other hand, now all you need is just a four wheel and a roof to let me drive to work so why not get a 2nd car where it is cheaper and even if next time want to sell of you won’t lose so much the most also a few thousand only compare to 10k. At least you pay all at once you are not committed.

So went for a few used car hunting for a few weeks, and out of nowhere we saw syuan auto and have a look.

And spotted a nice Iswara A/B 1.3 , fall in love with her. Asked the price and took the foreman to checked on the car wheter is it worth buying or not. After everything checked, didn’t hesitate much straight pay deposit on that day itself. I didn’t expect it was that fast that I made the decision. *actually because I was KIASU, I scared if I let go and think much other people might grab her before me*

29th May 2010- PED was officially mine. so so happy that I bought a car for the 1st time in my life. Another huge commitment after I bought my own lappie a few years back.

I wanted to thanks to famouschris because I don’t have time to make all the document and insurance so he actually spend his time on the weekdays helped me settled my insurance, get the Puspakom’s document for me, sent my car to the foreman to fixed those minor problems like changing engine oil, gear box oil, timing belt, odometer, serviced the air-cond and get my car grant. THANKS alot and i really appreciate it soooooooo much.

And I got my car on the 5th of MAY 2010. Say hi to PED!! my new love. So happy that we found a new gf for PCJ.

Got it for RM8500 *best price* excluding road tax, insurance and puspakom but it worth the money as I don’t need repair much on it all I need to is just fix on those very minor stuffs which doesn’t costs me another thousand over ringgit. Next, is to tint PED and change a ear-blasting speakers and a nice player for her. But one by one. Plan to tint her on August 2010.

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16th May 2010

It’s time to celebrate Granny birthday once every year again. This time had buffet dinner at EnO Sarkies Corner.

HmmmmHmmmmHmmm…… I am afraid of Buffet because that’s the only thing that is all of us turned into barbarian eat more than what our tummy can contain. BAD TO OUR HEALTH!!!


He’s ready to eat.

I am still thinking wheter should I or shouldn’t I

he’s giving me the sign ask me don’t hesitate. EATTT niaaaaa! 👿

They eat until both of them have to force each other to eat

The happily Tans

Granny with her daughters and daughter in laws.

The only two Yap’s daughter

The Liew’s family.

to the left to the left.

to the right to the right

I think I prefer to look to the left ler. *hot chics*! 😳

He decided to show some magic.

Tada. He make me appear in the picture.

The KIng and I. 😎

Girl under the lampose!


The both who paid the bill.

The camera man with his fujifilm ?

Fuhhhhh~ Full Like Hell! Tshkk Tskkkk so bad to my health. 🙁

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