The song is not that nice, the singer bo entau, the mv abit chan but the storyline touching.

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post that I promised!

Actually i really dont know what kind of post i should blog on for the post that i promised but what i have in my mind since last night until now i am gonna blog it here.

This time is for real, i dont want to be silly anymore, no more! It’s already half a year and it still……same. I guess all this while I am too committed, OVER!! Mood swing easily because of him and now i want it to stop right at this moment. I shouldn’t treat myself like that. It has been a few times dii, whenever i really feels like giving up Not to “like” anymore and yet U tend to drag me back to the situation again sigh…what should i do seriously tell me what u actually want?? I dont even feel like I am any important for u at all, dont even feels like you care about me at all, I bet u know how i feel and what I feel all this while is just that ur acting like u dont know, I am just a normal admirer for u i suppose.

hmmm….i really dont understand why I couldnt let go. When she told me “Hey vivian just now U and Him msg me but i rplied u but not him, hahaha” maybe she dont know anything but deep in me I was feeling so sad actually he was there but he msg her but not me. I guess it has been proven, this time must be for real and i have to : let go! just let it be! take him back to the normal friend status like others, dont ever put in any hope anymore, please dont!!

I just dont know why I feels like crying, i really dont know why my tears feels like droping =( I need to be tough and i am tough!

goodbye~ hopefully this shall be the last post of him.

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Welcome to EAA passport graduation showcase day 3!
Multimedia lecturer-Bryan Lee

sorry sir i think i had dissapoint u the most in class =( Kit, the big guy!! gonna miss u after u go UK
No one gonna call me “hey beauty!” or “hey sweetie” anymore
no one gonna give me love love advice after u leave, sad!
make sure u miss me as much as possible at UK, see ya after 2 years later lol
*sob sob* Wan Ting- the closest friend in class ( korean freak, watched gay porn -.- )
Ting, please ler bertaubat!! Sabbie-The nearest neighbour friend in college
The only fashion graduate for Passport batch!! *bravo*
The only survivor whee~ The models hahaha
Posers of the exhibition.
This is very horrible! damn. there’s no next time, once in a lifetime haha Anyoenghaseiyo! welcome to my booth again!
Sir, we really miss miss u so much.
Handphone’s models ( the entertainer for the whole exhibition, kept on doing free shows on the stage -.- and i am always the only girl up there damn )
Here comes the tears of joy-ness and the tak sampai hati-ness
it’s not easy to run a successful showcase like this
a big round applause for all of us *clap clap*
One last group picture! ADIOS my friends much Lurve by me!!
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