19 January 2011

It was a lovely Wednesday to begin my Vietnam trip. All set and ready to go.

thank you Mr. Driver. (As it was a Wednesday, everyone was working so thanks to Mr. Driver who willing to fetch us to airport)

He got himself a set of fillet-o-fish

and for me, did some reading before head up to the plane.

our checked in online boarding passes.

it was a long queue at the boarding gate.

He always gets very excited whenever he gets to fly. (high-flyer betui)

Kesian that in here we didn’t get to pass through the sky bridge to get in like what we get in Australia. 🙁

Yay, after half year wait finally I am flying again. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Reached Lcct.

Me and my new crocs and my purple coasas cabin luggage, looks cool? 😎 *please say yes*

He always like to ask me to pose right in front of the arrival gate.

heading towards Lcct food garden. It was my 1st time there as I never know that Lcct had a food court there.

there were so many plugs for the travelers to do the charging.

I felt hungry after chatting online and updating facebook, so decided to tried the Nasi Padang.

cute plane they have.

Do you like this? Yes I do. That’s telling me :” you are way up in the sky”

Started my Twilight Saga: Eclipse using my Galaxy S. See a handy smart phone memang saved all my troublesome bringing my bulky laptop everywhere I go.

here we finally reached The international terminal of Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

i just couldn’t understand why are we two so lazy by not walking through the pathway but through the escalator. 👿

Madness crowd that I’ve ever seen in my life outside the arrival gate.

Ga Trong Nuoc.

We need small change for the bus fare so I went to buy ourself a bottle of water in order to get small changes.

waiting Chris to find our bus 152

Fuh……..this remind me of our mini bus 🙂

our bus tickets. The bus fare costs 8,000 VND  per person.

have u ever heard of crazy traffic in vietnam??? Now that I’ve experienced it, it was MADNESS traffic that I’ve ever seen in my life. MAD!!!!

Vietnamese sitting by the roadside.

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