holiday weekend :P

Watched this on my last day of weekend night after dinner
at 1st I really feel so blur dont really understand the story at all
after *me love* tell me the story only I feel OHHHHHHHohhhhhhh
Not bad ler actually
and then and then and then…..
went to batu ferringhi park royal hotel on saturday!!
wheeeee~ it’s beeeeennnn sooooo long i didnt go for a small holiday trip with my parents
since I was a little girl. Remember last time we used to had hotel stay once awhile
and for this time it was a free stay which my father won when he joined star walk previously.
and he was so lucky that they gave him a deluxe room fuh~
if is a grand deluxe room even best! *greedy me*
yeah went for a swim but u know i dont know how to swim so ended up kept on riding on the back of *me love* and drank alot of pool water @.@!!!
it seems to be childish but fun ok it was fun playing with the slide on the pool there 😛
after a nice seafood dinner which is sponsor by my *boss* which is daddy
and we headed to sunset bistro with my parents
1st time hanging out with my parents late night it’s kinda cool
had 2 buckets of tiger which we just plan to have a light drinking session because my poor little
brother was having fever and dad need to stay up late and take care of him *poor little guy*
he missed out alot of fun actually.
I got my collection of two bottles of latest tiger’s bottle I still sort of one more 🙁
and yeah weekend passed so fast
is just a glimps of eye and thats it

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Seriously Transformer 2 sucks ler 🙁
So dissapointed *big sighhhhhh*
Dont understand why is it so many people commenting it as awesome movie
No doubt the robots so damn cool
but the plot kana shit ler
alot of tak logic, nonsense scene
and everything happen too fast, really too fast
It didnt gave me the high high eh feeling not at all
damn what a big movie turns out so disappointing
most chan wan which is the tak logic part
where the devastator bo chai so yeng
manatau come out for not even half an hour and with just
one stupid shot it got killed so EASILY WTF again!
and i was hoping there’s something more happen at the end
but turns out SUCKS like hell!
*me love* which is so fussy by choosing movie to watched wan also said
“I felt sleepy when i watched it i cant wait for it to end” @.@!!!
arghhhhhh so sad
still tranformer 1 the best!
saw a msn’s personal msg wrote like that
“if transformer 1 is the beef then transformer 2 is the whole burger”
nahhh~ to me
“if transformer 2 is the bicycle then transformer 1 is the sports car”
ohhh weee woooo!

Transformer 2 didnt rock my world
so please stop telling me transformer 2’s rawks ler!
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21 guns

After wake me up when sept. ends this will be my 2nd fav. song from greenday *hearttt*

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