2nd April 2010

After 45 mins travelling through train

Here I reached China — Shen Zhen.

Everyone carrying own luggages all the way looks like refugee wanna run away from home like that haha 😆

After 2 days 1 night in Hong Kong when 1st reached Shen Zhen I don’t really quite like it as much as I like HK as compare to the cleanliness and every streets in Shen Zhen looks very mysterious very dark not like HK looks bright with all the lamp pose on.

Had our 1st dinner at Shen Zhen.

It was 8.45pm

The service damn bad. They can even serve a broken teapot for the customers OMG!! 😡

See how they poured the tea for me!!! What a service!!!

Finally no more corn starch soup 😛

according to my dad, he said this are the biggest prawns in China @.@

My apology for the poor photo quality as we are eating in a big table with everyone so everyone was busy turning the “lazy susan” when they saw food so I couldn’t stop and be stable and get better photos.

After dinner we head to our hotel. Shan Shui Trends Hotel

The lobby

My room no.

The bed

I was shocked when I 1st see the bathroom cover with a see through curtain because I thought if is like that how am I suppose to bathe wor.

Until I see there’s a glass door to close it. Phew!

a seperate basin outside the bathroom so it is much convenient for us as we shared room so one can take her bathe and the other can wash up.

The fridge

after we placed our luggages we were brought to East Gate shopping mall.

the translation for pizza hut sipek funny.


Saw this stall along the road

had this awesome spicy BBq octupus.

the 1st KFC in Shen Zhen. *according to the tour guide*

The shops all had to close early due to no electricity 🙁 so we have to take the taxi back to our hotel and chat through skype.

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1st April 2010

Woke up at 4 something and thanks to *me Love* for waking so early with us and drive us to the airport.

Lined up at the Cathay Pacific group check in counter

Get my passport ready, this is the 1st visa I got in my passport wheeee

Then got my flight ticket. As this is my 1st time fly with Cathay Pacific.

Every seats of  it got a personal tv

so throughout the whole trip I couldn’t fell asleep because was busy playing with the remote.

The joystick for u to entertained yourself by playing games

The video remote control

Each of us was gave a personal headphone so that we can enjoy our movies without getting or being interrupted by others

As my flight is just 2 hours 56 mins so I can only manage to watch one movie in the plane

I am busy discovering the entertainments that provided and I saw bejeweled which is my mum’s favourite game.

And also discovered the songs in the playlist had girls’ generation which is Justin Chu’s and Daniel Teh’s favourite.

After finish exploring I started to choose a movie that worth watching.

Was given a cup of orange juice.

Then was served with my breakfast in the plane.


Had 2 cups of red wine. 🙂

The plane landed at 11.20am (malaysia and hong kong time)

Through the tv we can actually see what’s happening outside the aircraft which is quite cool!

Here I am, Hong Kong airport. Wheee~! so excited!

Waiting for our tour guide to arrived and guide us.

part of  Hong Kong airport.

They had this lockers for rent in the airport.

As we reached Hong Kong early that the time that stated in the itinerary so our tour bus couldn’t reach on time so we just walked around in the airport. It was Easter Day so they had this little corner for Easter decoration.

Took a picture with a Bunny.

They had this pay in shower lounges in the airport.

Hong Kong tour guide, Patric Ma. A very funny man. 🙂

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Day 1

I mi-sssssssssssss you ?

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