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1st stop : Pie in the sky

love bird ready to tried the best pie.

The menu

The pricing

All sorts of pies

The ambiance kinda homey.

My pie

Chris’s Beef Burgundy with salad.

2nd stop : Miss Marples tea room. this was the most recommended place by my colleagues Devi that been to Melbourne before and also Soo Nee & Su Ven which stay there temporarily as immigrant. haha

the Menu

It was winter in Melbourne on July so they had this Christmas in July so everything in there are all decorated with the christmas props from the jiggle bell

to a jam’s christmas tree at the counter.

to the lights. Just feel so nice to have an early Christmas mood and also a double Christmas celebration here and back in Malaysia when December 2010. Niceeeeee Christmas is the only festive season that I love which stated in the Malaysian Calendar

both Soo Yee and Chris Shared a pot of tea

The cream and jam for the scones

By far the best scones I’ve ever taste in my life. Mind-blasting!! No joke.

Chocolate and pecan fudge cake.


Friends since Form 1. We claimed ourself  “7 in love” back in Secondary school time hahaha which include the three of us plus Soo Nee, mei Fern, Mina and Vicky. hahahahahaha

The guys.

the christmas decorations.

Arrived in SkyHigh Mt Dandenong.

Always saw this Giant Chair appear in Fb’s Picture

So I kia su must also conquer it! 😎 Why is is called Giant chair?? Look at the size, it prove it all.

Seriously, it was the coldest night ever throughout the whole of my trip. You won’t felt anything by looking at the picture, to be honest I was shivering like hell when I took this picture, not because I trying to buat gaya pose like a model but it was too cold until I couldn’t stand straight when the cold wind kept on blowing onto me. Damnnnn……

Us having fun.

the sky was so dark whe it’s only 5.51pm

and it was raining cats and dogs.


We just couldn’t stand outside too long without the protection of the roof and piles.

it’s all worth it for the view there.

Took a tram to Swanton’s street Dessert House for dinner.


Had Tom Yam which doesn’t taste kick compare to Penang.

Went to QV center’s Grill’d

They claimed that they made the burger with love.

Various of vegetables and sauces to choose.

waiting for the burger.

took a tram back to Temple Court.

The AU$ 11.90 ‘Baa Baa’ Burger.

Enjoyed the authentic Australian beer in a cold room without any air-conds on. Sweet.

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