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hello little puppy.

One of my habit, I like to keep business cards as my collection, no matter where I go. Occupational diseases, I guess. ­čśÄ

Chanh, the manager.

Tham, the receptionist.

Arrived at Nam Giao for our lunch before we head to the airport.

The big pot of soup.

the kitchen.

Our bun bo hue.

Awesomely good. Very spicy.

The raw vege.

he felt heavy hearted to leave.

Arrived to domestic departures.

Got our luggage checked in.

and got ourself the boarding passes.

and went all the way up.

to get a shocked of see-ing there are packed with people at the security check point. OMG!!! Luckily our flight was delayed one hour later or else we might actually missed our flight.

Finally it was our turned, but eventually they don’t allow him to carry his tripod along and asked him went all the way down to had his tripod checked in. WTF!!!

So all the way down he went.

and finally here we reached in front of the boarding gate. Pheww~

Vietnam airlines.

we had to took the bus ride to our plane.

and again, super crowded. ­čĹ┐

My 1st time flying with Jet star.

The standard 3-3 seating arrangement.

We were so lucky that they actually get both of us a “hot seat” that we got extra legrooms, coooooooooollllllllllllllllllll I like. grin:

The front cover of the menu.

The back cover of the menu.

was so lucky that we get to catch the sunset on the place, magnificent view.

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