Aha! This is me
Joyce Tang. was told that i look like her since standard 4.
I dont know but u judge

Joanne-Jen jen said i look like her???
but who’s she?Me Again
Gigi Leung. Was told that i look like her as well since form 1
I dont think so.
*me love* BFFang zhu ming. Agree??
Dont think so??
Again *me love* BFsee sama muka. I dont know actually this is what my friends said. 😛This is what fern fern said one. she told me he look like cute lil. woodstock lol 🙂Lee Soo Yee. BFF
Annie Man. Aisheh she looks like her.
Dont u think so?
Yeah Please agree with me.
Eileen Gan Mi Fern. BFF
just kidding
Sherril Leow. BFF
Winnie The Pooh.
” Siang bo siang?”

2 Responses to “Update-Bukan WannaBe but look alike?”

  1. sherril says:

    wei why winnie the pooh la?? and where did u get that pic??? i dun remember showing u either….LOLanyway,. sth about yee makes her looks abit like that girl.. and u are so mean la.. compare fern with THAT.. hahabtw miss u girls d =(

  2. vivi says:

    hahahah i dont know it just pop up winnie the pooh when i think of u same goes to fern it just pop up automatically hahaha but fern wan damn funny ;P i got it from ur facebook and that picture looks like the winnie pooh hahahahaha ya soo yee memang look like her since secondary school when i know her i think should be her mouth we miss u too 🙂

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