It was a beautiful Tuesday for the trip. Early in the morning, the birds chirping and so with this babe cui lin read her bible after she woke up while waiting for her turn to bathe and I don’t Know who’s the one who took this so called “so natural” picture of her. hahaha There’s alot of cars down on the street eventough it is still early in Bangkok.
After we bathe and ready, we out to had our breakfast.
This is me * wink wink* The one who lurve to take photo!
The blur thai guy who name Ah Pok! There U go with Babe Cui Lin
here’s the Alor Setar guy Wei Lun.
And also Sarawakian Leslie Kon.
My breakfast of the day.
After finished our breakfast we are ready to start with our lovely journey of BKK. Took a taxi to Hua Lamphong station.
Oh shit!! Everytime whenever I need to take the pills time there’s no water with me along so I have to swollowed it without water. Luckily it is not that big or else I am gonna get chocked.And here we’d reached the Hua Lamphong station.

Hello! is the 1st thing I wanna say to Bangkok and I lurve Bangkok so so so much!!!The group pictures of us.

SIAM CENTER–the 1st place that we planned to go for the day.

I found out that the toilet sign so cute. Creative enough!! *thumbs up*But I wonder why guys posing like that?Then Mcd for lunch!! The pork burger which couldnt find in M’sia. It was just ok ok nia lor I still prefer my McChic. After lunch and a short walk/visit of Siam Center then we headed to SIAM PARAGON I just dont know why I really lurve this picture so much. Best award for the camera man but have to see who’s the models also and luckily the two models are photogeanic also. LOL Ferrari, Fuh~ simply so cool.
Lamborghini!! My fav. I swear I am gonna own this after 10 years wuhuu!!

This is cool, check this out.

The shop that so suitable we future designer to shop. I dont even expect we can really stay there for like almost 3 hours I think if im not mistaken. There’s so much things to discover out and see and of course shop!!
there are even clothes for teddy selling in the shop!! My god so cute!
After satisfied buying stuffz there we came out and took another picture in front of the shop. Then to my fav. shopping mall–Platinum fashion mall. The mall which really kills us gurls. Due to we spent too much time in Betrend so end up we dont have much time to really shop here =(

Why we are so unlucky. it rained a few times through out this trip -.- Actually they planned to go Pat Phong after this but seems like the weather so bad so too bad we have to go back to hotel changed because we are all wet inside out and rest early for tomorrow. Wow!! i didnt even know i can take picture with shutter speed skill like this haha
Shopaholic!! =D Before that, we went back to Siam Center to tried out the Oldies Theme Restaurant which we didnt managed to tried for lunch.

we are so tired until we can even fall asleep while waiting for others to finished their food hehe By the way Pok u look so ugly when u sleep ler hahaa
there is the time to show off!! hahaha these are all the shopping items that we shop for 1st day!! After clean up and everything we are so tired and straight fall asleep so this is the end of 2nd day!! See ya Tmr!!Good Night *light off*

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