Party weekend

18th June 2010

Was suppose to be a friend of *me love* bachelor partay but it seems like a normal weekend party in the club as usual, nothing special. So “ou ta” wan haha

Alcohol is good?

Not really.

yeeee… so smelly.

The chics.

19th June 2010

It was Aunt Mary’s birthday at Bagan.

The entrance. Was actually me and My Mr. Bf 1st date place before we became couple after Mizi Restaurant. (Mizi that time still haven’t really officially have feelings so TAK KIRA) haha

The prezzie

Started with the appetizer.

My main dish – Salmon.

This gluttony fella couldn’t make his mind of choosing one main dish but he choose platter for all three dishes into one. tsk tsk…

Cake cutting session.

It’s time to dance.

They enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Aunt Mary.

After dinner. Head over to 69 to celebrate this girl’s birthday. I kissed a girl. 😳

Tan Chee Hau, I met your old friend. 😆

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12th June 2010

Went up to Batu Ferringhi to get my Spain Jersey no.9 as Has been searching around in Penang and there’s no other places have my Torres’s world cup jersey so TAK BOLEH tahan anymore L size pun hentam saja.

Was plan to went up and buy my jersey then go back home sleep but after reached at Hydro Hotel and just started to worry that we might have enough petrol to go up and down from Batu Ferringhi to Jalan Delima.

But I bo kam muan, BECAUSE I STILL HAVEN’t got my JERSEYYY!!! so parked our car at Hydro Hotel and called Future CM Edward to fetched us up while he’s on his way. YAY!!!

So after satisfaction, we met up at Cool Bananas

which located inside Park Royal Hotel

and have some chilling football session

with a big screen projector showing the Argentina and Nigeria

have their promotion mug for RM10++

I said hey c’mon don’t look at me, concentrate on the screen!!! 😛

caught the guys really enjoying the match.

a whole row of flag line

CAN U SEE it???


He’s back for nose surgery.

Don’t you think that his nose look like Michael Jackson’s nose???? HAHAHAHA

Really really really old friend’s. Don’t expect that we can still be that close after graduated from Primary 🙂 Too bad there are alot of them couldn’t join in. Oh well perhaps there’s a chance for all of us to meet up.

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The party nights on CNY 2010

18th Feb 2010

This year CNY Gee How didn’t organize a gathering party as usual so we just went out for dinner and hang out at Hard Rock Cafe.

Had a bottle of white wine.

Little God bro – Gee How.

The busy photographer – Doreen Ng.

Busy talking. not focusing.

Zoe + Dee

Doreen + Yung Ming ( Primary School Friends )



The all of us + Michael Jackson.

20th Feb 2010

Our dearest Tan Boon Ming’s 23rd bird-day!!!! We were all asked to wear black so that Ming can wear white and be the most outstanding wan 😛

The architechtures

Hot mama!

Loh Soo Nee who just recently had her hair cut. Way to go Babe!!! Short hair ban sui!!

Me love *I so like my new silver black top*

The ladies

Celina Gooi

Su Venn

The “Lim” s

Joyce I remember what you told me that night *evil knievel* hahahahahaha

2nd time in my life that I KO and puke aikssss FML the worst hang over I’ve ever had, EVER!! I remember I didn’t drank much that night but I mixed several alcohol *champagne, wine, B25, Hennesy* ohhhhhhhhhhhh so regret.

P/s : Fern, Yee, Ting, Nana so sorry that I couldn’t make it as I really had a very bad hang over the next day. Shall see u girls soon. Next red box I won’t absence d 🙂 I promise!

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