Winter trip – Melbourne 2nd day

9th July 2010

Woke up and greeted with the morning breeze of Melbourne.

The place we stayed.

The parking signage.

The Melbourne tram. How I wish we can have this tram systems in Penang but we got no such big land and big budget for this. Imagine, if we do have this life would be so much easier.

Just right opposite the apartment there are a huge building own by a bank and in front of it there are alot of statues standing and posing out there.

Florist??? yea, it is.

Such lovely idea by opening a florist on the road side.

Bicycles for rent.


Boo just look so tiny compare to the ang mo in there. haha

Still have’t got used with the temperature there.

Tram stop

Our 1st stop! Queen Victoria Market

Section by section

Very very very huge morning market.

never been to such huge market in my life before. Is like a Tesco in Malaysia

Spotted something that caught our attention.

A moving doughnut Kitchen’s van. Queuing for that.

that’s what I wanted to experience. Western country’s life.

The food court inside the market.

Seated and ready to eat.

forgotten what is this called. I know I ordered a set of breakfast

which came with this cup of cappuccino

Doughnuts which got jam flavour.

Mr. B’s Hot choco.

a plate of mini pancakes.

and soo yee’s cappuccino.

It may look small

but there are alot of choices.

Time to shop for our dinner for the rest of our stay.

Meat section.

They loves meats, I guess.


The cleanness, the odorless and the systematicness that make me like the market so much. Is just like a shopping mall. I went to the public toilet is just as clean as our hotel toilet here, it was so well-maintain.

Dairy product sections

Cheese??? yes cheeseeeee 🙂 whatever cheese u want u can get it here. cheddar kah, creame cheese kah, Mozzarella cheese kah, Parmesan cheese kah, as long as it is cheese. and they actually had cheese tasting there.

Soo yee : I think we should cook cheese with bacon in the morning for breakfast lo.

Chris : uh huh??? bacon?? which means we need to buy bacon also??

so we headed to buy us some bacons.

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Winter trip – Melbourne 1st day

MACEH leh wasted my whole night typing the 1st day of my trip and it went up ALL wording gone except for the pictures MALEHHHH!!!!!!! wasted my whole night.

8th July 2010

Stayed up whole night for Spain and Germany match, and ready to flew to my ever 1st winter trip.

Reached Penang International Airport.

checked in and got our boarding passes.

met up with the secret underground lover???

Feel the warmness before we left for the winter.

here we reached LCCT

waiting for our luggages

hang out at Mcd

waiting for this girl to meet up with us

time to checked in

and the queue for Air Asia X from Kl to Melbourne was Soooooooooo freaking loooooooooong my godness!

finally it’s our turned

after waiting for so long.

got our boarding passes

and had our lunch breakie at Old Town White Coffee

My nasi lemak rendang ayam

and a cup of lime juice

he busy taking photos

and she busy reporting to her parents

stopped by at the duty free shop before we depart to buy some ciggies for those smokers in Melbourne.

Smoking = bad for health tsk tsk.

gate opened!!! yay!!! so excited!

my 1st time travel with Air Asia X

Departed at Local time 1.25pm

Actually I like Air Asia X so much that Air Asia because it got more legs room like any other aircraft is just that for a budget long haul flight they dont have free in flight entertainment and they dont have free meal as well. What to expect, for the sake of cheap flight tickets.

Even a bottle of water also costs you RM3. *sigh*

we actually bought ourself a comfort kit when we buy our flight tickets one year ago and inside consists of one blanket

one eye mask and a pillow.

Filled up the immigration form

Australia are well-known for it strictness when pass through immigration so you better declare everything single thing before they caught you and got urself into a trouble.

I don’t know how many times I will say this but I still like to say it everytime I travel. I ? flying!!!

he’s busy reading

I am busy sleeping. Slept for 4 hours straight once I got up to the plane. *tee hee*

woke up and watch a korean movie called Once upon a time in High School

because it was a 8 hours flight so we got no choice but to have our dinner on board. My Pak Nassir Nasi Lemak. 🙁 looks plain!!

that came with nuts and small dried sambal fish.

and a bottle of water.

hellooooo melbourne. we actually one whole day just to travel from day to night 🙁

Tullamarine airport

Reached Temple court room 816 where a place that we will be staying for the whole trip. 🙂

went in and saw a lot of shoes rack and shoes of the owners

busy unpacking

and WTF my luggage’s password suddenly  couldn’t access  maleh

” How am I suppose to take my clothes out and change??? ”

After trying so hard and I fed up so I threw it over to Skillful thief -Mr Leslie Kon ( just kidding) to help me handle the tough job. and I busy taking photos hhahahahahaha :opps:

the kitchen and the dining area that we had our dinner when we are at home.

we were so hungry until we decided to curi 6 packet of Indo Mee which directly import from Indonesia as our 1st supper in Melbourne.

yum yum! *slurp*

After done eating and settle down, took out the Melbourne Visitor’s guide and flip through see what’s events going on in the period when we were in Melbourne and what stuffs that we should checked out! 🙂

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