Hennesy Artistry 2010

27th May 2010 – Thursday

One year once happening event- Hennesy Artistry in Qe2.  *free booze* wheee

Actually this was my 1st time got the tix for joining the return of hennesy artistry partay!

A very good quality paper material and printing for the invitation card.

Too bad I wasn’t allow to get the card back after registered myself.

Was so coincidently we girls all wore black dress.

Wanted to take another picture just in case the 1st one not nice manatau!!!! SISTER u block the vision ler tiu nia seng!!

my boo 😳

Finally she’s back in Penang for internship yay!! ada partner again.

Hot mama.



Too bad tutu came back but Ivee’s leaving 🙁 is okie at least we was very enjoyed that night. It has been awhile I got tipsy and feel high! cmon everybody, rock this party, it was a very wonderful weekend.

P/s : It wasn’t very complete with all the pictures as the rest of the pictures are taken in different camera which is not mine.

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QE II Heineken Star party

6 December 2009

It was a Heineken Star Party event at QE II 🙂

Wooooooo goldfish was in the house wheeeee~ and Emcee was Jin Hackman *mich’s ex-ie* 😛

They was having a table full of heneiken bottles, awesome. it’s gonna be a good good night.

The chics of the night woooooooooooooooooooo long time no see babes

It wasnt that happening from the start. There u can see from his face. the face of emo-ness

Then we girls went to the bar to order three tequila shots for ourself 🙂

After the mixture of Tequila with beer oooohhh ohhhh we gone wild

Please count and see total how many pictures that I showed my tongue out.

AhA! all together got 6 pictures of my tongue out hahaha and Adrian also tend to follow my style but his looks more like dead fish.

Partay animals

The extra behind makes the picture even more extra with his existence.

The old “kangtau” hahahahahaha

And Heryl always flirt alot whenever he are. NO matter to kuih talam or batang. He even wana rape khobo. tshk tshk

and the guys started to act cute

Esp. Him >.<!!! BO CUTE LER!

Kakacaucau nia *kick*
And Im so loving my BB cream so so love it makes my skin looks more nicer thru photo wheee~ the mixture of BB cream and estee loose powder rocks man!

Adrian was so shy that night and we know why ngek ngek!

Haiyerrrrr this two always i mean each and everytime they surely give you this pose >.<!!!! get a room please, my friends this is a public woi!

and we kissed

It was us that kissssssssssed but force by the guys

The old friend- mIch

Consider as the new friend aka junior- Jovy

This girl always like to kacau Hmph!

*me love*

Did u saw the balloon on the floor hahahahaha it was me the tipsy me pop-ed all the balloons that passed it to me that night thats why my fingers felt so pain on the next day fuh

And I met this guy so randomly. He was my 1st camp’s junior scout 🙂

Aw Kai Ho U look damn cute with this expression keep it up yeah hahahahaha

” If I can be a DJ I wanna name myself DJ SHark ”
” why? ”

” Because Shark eat GoldFish ”
” 😛 ”

Even *me love* friend said this to me ” After so long it was my 1st time seeing you enjoying urself so much tonight ”

hahahahahahahahaha yes I am so god damn enjoy myself that night.

One of my Fav. DJ for malaysian. 🙂 Not bcz he’s cute but I like the songs that he spin wooooo Love it Go goldfish go goldfish but the pose damn failed ler @.@!!

Semua Batang except for me aparently they said I am a half batang and heryl are half talam hahahahah

Afterall it was a really good night it has been sometimes i didnt party hard d wheeeeeeeeeeee
You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

P/s: hope there’ll be another good night coming again ?

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A triple celebration weekend

Oh hectic yet lovely weekend. 🙂

24th Oct 2009

It was double celebration on a lovely Saturday.
1st was *me love* cousin’s wedding and 2nd was our dear lulu’s 21st birthday.

Woke up early to get ready to picked the bride up at the wedding studio after she done make up and sent her to the church. It was my 2nd time to a church wedding at the same church! fuh~ It was my 1st time also that I get to sit inside the bride’s car together with the bride to the wedding. AWESOME experience.

A cropped photo 😛

Chu hor and Yiannee the newly married couple.

Before the Dinner it was a tea ceremony at the hotel.

Went over to Eno for the wedding dinner. It was my 1st time see-ing almost all the ladies wearing kebaya to the dinner. hmmmm gorgeous how I wish my boobs big enough to fit in a nice kebaya 🙁

I actually like this food presentation is quite special on it’s own way. 🙂 and things have to be mentioned Eno is by far the most good service for hotel dinner that I’ve visited and the food are quite good.

I actually sapu quite alot of this big prawnnnsssss YUMMMMYYYYY….

Keong hee keong hee.
And on that week actually I heard alot of this “so when it’s ur turn?” , “next will be you 🙂 ” oh apparently this word is not to me but to *me love* and the cousins hahahahahahah kesian kesian. It sounds abit scary actually. 🙂

*me love* and me

A junior of mine 😉 karen. She looks alike with the Blake Lively ( Serene in gossip girl). ok abit abit bit.

My hair start to looks like shit.

After dinner then headed to Zenzibar to celebrate this girl turned 21st 🙂
Ah tu finally is ur turn hahahahaha……… shit IT’S MY TURN SOON. my god!

Met my babies. Yee, sexy lor with ur real cleavage *fewwwittt!”

Had some singing competition with ah liap hahahahahahaha (just kidding)

and sang bird-day song for lulu. The kiss look like girl’s vagina hahahahaha aiyerrrrrrr damn hiau wei!

and the girl KO. wulalalala! Awesome man this is the tradition-whoever birthday must KO!

On the next day it was a family dinner of *me love*.
Had an awesome dinner at Nyona breeze.

and also thanks for the haagen daz for the desert as well. It was nice to catching up with everyone eventough Im just sitting there quietly 🙂

31st Oct 2009.
Had thai dinner at Maa roy with Chee’s families again before chris’s aunty back to Canada on the next day. I love the food there and it make me missssssssssssss BKK so much again 🙁

Went over to the Hard Rock Cafe to hang out with *me love* friends and yes this time we get to go in without a long queue. 🙂
It was actually quite nice. On a Halloween Night listen to some rock musics dont need to packed with others hmmm quite awesome actually.

Then the night still young after hard rock so we headed over to UPR to meet some peoples.
Was initially plan to go to Mois but FUH my godness what is happening to all penangites? I dont really likes the clubs in Penang anymore 🙁
The crowds *thumbs down*, and the place was like so packed and stuffy I felt like wana vomit eventough is just a 5 mins trip in there.
so went out and headed over to the usual spot Zenzi Bar. and dropped by at Djoint to meet Mich for awhile. Saw him with funny makeover hahahaha

Met khobo and the gang at look bistro. Hmmmm it actually looked like SS.

Ok luckily it was a Halloween night so I can gave the reason of scaring people by wearing the glasses without make up on a sat night 😛
My eyes actually got infection and couldnt wore my contact lens 🙁

Happy Halloween people 🙂

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