16th May 2010

It’s time to celebrate Granny birthday once every year again. This time had buffet dinner at EnO Sarkies Corner.

HmmmmHmmmmHmmm…… I am afraid of Buffet because that’s the only thing that is all of us turned into barbarian eat more than what our tummy can contain. BAD TO OUR HEALTH!!!


He’s ready to eat.

I am still thinking wheter should I or shouldn’t I

he’s giving me the sign ask me don’t hesitate. EATTT niaaaaa! 👿

They eat until both of them have to force each other to eat

The happily Tans

Granny with her daughters and daughter in laws.

The only two Yap’s daughter

The Liew’s family.

to the left to the left.

to the right to the right

I think I prefer to look to the left ler. *hot chics*! 😳

He decided to show some magic.

Tada. He make me appear in the picture.

The KIng and I. 😎

Girl under the lampose!


The both who paid the bill.

The camera man with his fujifilm ?

Fuhhhhh~ Full Like Hell! Tshkk Tskkkk so bad to my health. 🙁

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