A hard rock weekend

27 November 2009

It was a 4 days tiring very exhausted weekend holiday but i like it aha aha that’s the way it is aha aha….

woke up and headed to classic hokkien mee but WTF it closed πŸ™ so our 2nd choice Beng’s hokkien mee. I told *me love* that I wanted to try this since a few times ago when we had late night supper after club.

Was trying to booked a time for my eye brown threading with Kalpana but after I called for two days in a row the son only told me that she went to India and will only be back on the 20th. I was like SHIT then how about my eye brown ;(

and YES *me love* help me found a shop through online for my 2nd choice. Wheeeeee~ This shop located at little india, the shop name Twin Leaves. the woman who thread for me saids that they open everyday even deepavali which means NO HOLIDAY for them hardworking betui. And this is even cheaper than Kalpana, she charge only RM5 and u dont need to do advance booking.

Yay! this will be my top 2nd choice or maybe 1st d.

I love eye brown threading man, it makes me feel pain like hell I mean really like hell. As u can see from I pain until I squeeze my toes together *tee hee* I love the pain. Awesome. But I like threading is because it last longer and neater.

After I get my eye brown done then it was already lunch time. Headed to Peng Yan chicken rice shop which I didnt visit there for quite some time for their awesome chicken rice

and also the kiam chai boey. Always full macam cow after having lunch there.

Went back and start to do our every weekend mini cooking project, This time we made our own kaya. πŸ™‚

It was a little watery but still eatable πŸ˜›

Mois VIP was the nightlife plan for that day.

having fun partay with this bunch of peoples πŸ™‚

What a coincidence that we actually dress up in blue and black for that night.

Dato popping Adrian Lim was back to town 1st night partay again since he came back to Penang.

And then headed to QE II to met up with *me love* which partay there while I was in Mois for the night.

kena captured by paparazi *tee hee hee*

had a late night dim sum supper after club.

Scary man~ anyway thanks to Joshua Puah πŸ™‚


28 November 2009

It was a lovely Saturday.

travel all the way up to Batu ferringhi Hard Rock Hotel for a little mini getaway trip πŸ™‚

Room 455

The LCD tv

The secret door

to peep on somebody’s pee-ing or bathing hahaha

the bed

The astro card

And since mum booked a room there so we’re gifted with a souvenier

The interior on the 4th floor rooms

Since the weather is still so damn hot so decided to take a tour around the hotel before went for a swim

They got total 3 rock shops

Michael Jackson as the security guard sitting outside the Hard rock Cafe Restaurant

The beatles VS the Tan family

And I kissed Ringo Starr

The children’s slides

The special open balcony pool room which u can just straight go down to the pool from the hotel room which cost u around MYR600++ per night. πŸ™‚

The kid’s pool playground

A pool side bar

And when the sky’s turned dark

We’re ready to go for our dinner

I just like the way how our hair looked like.

Mine – bak pao

Him – Thai temple tower

Had seafood dinner at beach corner which located somewhere beside Sunset Bistro.

Then headed to Notherm Hotel

To attended a private party

which is an alcohol party

to celebrate Lobak Chong Theng Wee’s 21st birthday bash


29 November 2009

It was a Sunday and here we’re drive all the way from Batu Maung to Batu Ferringhi again fuh.

To attend this cute little niece

2 years old birthday πŸ™‚

at hard rock ( lil. rock restaurant )

According to my cousin which is the party host this plate of fettuciniΒ cost RM200++ WTF!!!! so damn expensive man

but no doubt the food are nice of course.

The kid’s meal dessert

we’re busy

taking photo *tee hee*


I *heart* you

Happy birthday my dear

Afterthat had a mini eating tour with *me love* room mates which came all the way from KL. We went Maa Roy for dinner and I had a secret gossip meeting at Zenzi bar since I took an one more day leave and hang out with a bunch of “australian” friends *evil grin*

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A triple celebration weekend

Oh hectic yet lovely weekend. πŸ™‚

24th Oct 2009

It was double celebration on a lovely Saturday.
1st was *me love* cousin’s wedding and 2nd was our dear lulu’s 21st birthday.

Woke up early to get ready to picked the bride up at the wedding studio after she done make up and sent her to the church. It was my 2nd time to a church wedding at the same church! fuh~ It was my 1st time also that I get to sit inside the bride’s car together with the bride to the wedding. AWESOME experience.

A cropped photo πŸ˜›

Chu hor and Yiannee the newly married couple.

Before the Dinner it was a tea ceremony at the hotel.

Went over to Eno for the wedding dinner. It was my 1st time see-ing almost all the ladies wearing kebaya to the dinner. hmmmm gorgeous how I wish my boobs big enough to fit in a nice kebaya πŸ™

I actually like this food presentation is quite special on it’s own way. πŸ™‚ and things have to be mentioned Eno is by far the most good service for hotel dinner that I’ve visited and the food are quite good.

I actually sapu quite alot of this big prawnnnsssss YUMMMMYYYYY….

Keong hee keong hee.
And on that week actually I heard alot of this “so when it’s ur turn?” , “next will be you πŸ™‚ ” oh apparently this word is not to me but to *me love* and the cousins hahahahahahah kesian kesian. It sounds abit scary actually. πŸ™‚

*me love* and me

A junior of mine πŸ˜‰ karen. She looks alike with the Blake Lively ( Serene in gossip girl). ok abit abit bit.

My hair start to looks like shit.

After dinner then headed to Zenzibar to celebrate this girl turned 21st πŸ™‚
Ah tu finally is ur turn hahahahaha……… shit IT’S MY TURN SOON. my god!

Met my babies. Yee, sexy lor with ur real cleavage *fewwwittt!”

Had some singing competition with ah liap hahahahahahaha (just kidding)

and sang bird-day song for lulu. The kiss look like girl’s vagina hahahahaha aiyerrrrrrr damn hiau wei!

and the girl KO. wulalalala! Awesome man this is the tradition-whoever birthday must KO!

On the next day it was a family dinner of *me love*.
Had an awesome dinner at Nyona breeze.

and also thanks for the haagen daz for the desert as well. It was nice to catching up with everyone eventough Im just sitting there quietly πŸ™‚

31st Oct 2009.
Had thai dinner at Maa roy with Chee’s families again before chris’s aunty back to Canada on the next day. I love the food there and it make me missssssssssssss BKK so much again πŸ™

Went over to the Hard Rock Cafe to hang out with *me love* friends and yes this time we get to go in without a long queue. πŸ™‚
It was actually quite nice. On a Halloween Night listen to some rock musics dont need to packed with others hmmm quite awesome actually.

Then the night still young after hard rock so we headed over to UPR to meet some peoples.
Was initially plan to go to Mois but FUH my godness what is happening to all penangites? I dont really likes the clubs in Penang anymore πŸ™
The crowds *thumbs down*, and the place was like so packed and stuffy I felt like wana vomit eventough is just a 5 mins trip in there.
so went out and headed over to the usual spot Zenzi Bar. and dropped by at Djoint to meet Mich for awhile. Saw him with funny makeover hahahaha

Met khobo and the gang at look bistro. Hmmmm it actually looked like SS.

Ok luckily it was a Halloween night so I can gave the reason of scaring people by wearing the glasses without make up on a sat night πŸ˜›
My eyes actually got infection and couldnt wore my contact lens πŸ™

Happy Halloween people πŸ™‚

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