3D2N shopping trip in KL

6th Feb 2010 – Kayelle trip

Bought a bus ticket down to kl. It has been a year I didn’t visit my friends in kl.

Reached Kl in the morning and straight head to Bangsar area for my shopping spree.

Did some research on which boutiques I HAVE TO go wan. Yes I admit, a bit overdo eh but at least it does save up a lot of times and I get to shop sampai puas puas. BUT I AM SO REGRET I didn’t bought the red skirt.

I love bangsar because it really make me feels good, I mean so good.

Sherril insist wanna take a picture of me holding all my shopping bags. 🙂

After done shopping for the 1st round, we had dinner at Nirvana Maju one of the famous banana leave places I guess because is like so full with people.

Had banana leave.

2nd round shopping continued!!!!! wheee ~

I think she wants to be a model. Fern r this pose geli ler hahahaha. very funny.

After whole day of walking we then went to alexis in bangsar which famous for its Tiramisu.

Had one piece of it. Next time I will try pavlova.

It wasn’t chili sauce, it was actually raspberry sauce if im not wrong.

They had jazz session every first monday of the month. P/s: sorry for the blur image.



Xue le. I think both yee and le wanted to be the alexis waitress.

my old neighbor. hahahaha

My good shopping partner.

primary sch — secondary sch friend.

BFF. They will always be my priority in friend list 🙂

7th Feb 2010

Our 1st station was Ikea in the morning. Then to One-U.

Had lunch at Garden 🙂 niceeeeeeee!

The Menu.

Had myself a plate of spaghetti Aglio Ed Olio with Shrimp

She still flipping through the menu as she don’t know what she want.

My fav.

Looks plain but taste good. I shall try to cook at home one day.

A cup of honey lemon.

Was surprised with a birthday cake for my belated celebration. Ok girls, this was actually my 1st cake at the age of 22nd. 🙂  P/s: seriously very gam tong lor, somemore hide from me until so pro, so secretive. hehehe

Candles blowing.

Cake cutting.

I luv u girls. so much.

Not to elegant.

???- Cupid

Had dinner at Lanna thai restaurant with Yang and Geo. *forgot to take photos* the food was nice. THANKS alot alot alot alot alot for the treat 🙂 Tried Pad thai OMG I missssss BKK.

8th Feb 2010.

Last day in Kl. 🙁 Catch-ed the morning flight back to Penang. And it was the 1st time ever in my life that my name kena paged at the departure hall OMG sia sui betul.

Here I fly again 🙂

My fav. cookies. – Ikea

a pair of heels for me – Blue Berry

Ear rings. – Cat whisker & Bonita

A pair of grey legging. Still need one more shinning black legging. – Cotton on

A top – Cat whiskers.

A top for mum – Cat whiskers.

Dress – Gossip boutique

Dress – Kitschen

A bag – Poppi

Got a souvenier from Sabbie. ?

Had company annual dinner at Hardwick House. – W3rkers

The guys

The girls + half girl half batang 😛 hahahahaha

Ended my night with very adventurous incident. *lights off*

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The start of the year 2010

On the new year day itself woke up early and fooled around with soo yee while sherril still slept like pig.

THANKS TO LEE SOO YEE, i am now so addicted to this korean drama ‘ you’re beautiful ‘ geeeezzzzzzz

but OMG I am so in love with Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? super much. I cant wait to finish all episode at once.

Watched Sherlock Holmes with my mum and bro as we didn’s watch movie together for ages. The movie was good as well.
I dont F’ing know how’s the old real sherlock holmes suppose to look like but as for this I will treat it as New sherlock holmes that can fight and I ? it.

Oh well, the conclusion is I F’ing ? Jude Law so much. Fuh he can be the 2nd man I like after Brad Pitt. MMMmmmm Mmmmm my type. 🙂

o2. o1. 2o10

Had a message from the Organizer Moy Su Venn the night before, told us to meet up at Queensbay mall for lunch.

Had Dome’s spicy olio pasta. Yumm yumm…..nom nom nom nom but the portion quite big and spicy.

with her

and them 🙂 P/s : arkarri, thanks for the Juice

Then the last minute plan was to watched Did You Hear About the Morgans which according to our organizer “it was a good famous movie who act by Jessica Elba” Hello my friend, Jessica Parker got ler manatu Jessica Elba.

*blur case*

hmmmm okler a normal romantic movie loooo… 🙂 nothing much to expect.

Gossip-s kat coffee bean as the flight kept on delay and delay until the time to fetch my boo back from air-port.

It was a nice relaxing outing, ? catching up with them.

P/s : 3 more days to go ?

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My christmas eve wasn’t that happening for me afterall so I would prefer to skip that. 🙂 My mood was affected by some business which is none of my business’s stuff HMPH!!!

I told myself since it’s none of my business so from now onwards Imma gonna see no evil, Hear no evil.

If u wanna be with him then Don’t complaint; if u wanna complaint then don’t be with him. Your life your choice. 🙂

Oh well, I think it’s a good choice by celebrating my new year eve with my all time beloved babes at zenzi bar.

People might think that why on earth there’s only 3 girls celebrating a happening day in a bar? hmmmm…….
It turned out to be a great night actually.

Took a day off on the eve to spent my quality time with Soo Yee and Sherril which back from Kl.
We watched Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel. Aikss so cute.

Then we headed to Zenzi Bar for the countdown celebration.
When we reached that time outside was already FULL with the crowd so we had to sit inside the Bar place 🙁

She started to act silly.

And the chics who celebrating their eve at One club came over to say hi.

Sam Sam the boss. 🙂

Finally Tutu’s smile instead of showing her mouse type smile 🙂

Her friends 🙂

My boo was gone missing for a few days so I didn’t get to celebrate my eve with him but I met another guy who name CHRIS as well. hahahahaha what a coincident.
He’s cute too bad Im not single so I don’t feel comfortable with his intention 🙁 but it was nice chatting with him.

Her kang tau from Denmark hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I don’t know how to spell his name but according to soo yee, his name is Lamoush ( I guess so )

Hahah Eileen Gan, the night without you. 😛

Awwwwww….. U see so sweet of them hmmmm no wonder soo yee was deeply falling in love with him hahahahahahahaa Love is in the air. but too bad she didn’t get his contact.

The night ended quite fun also. 🙂 But i felt bad and rude to the new friends because I didn’t bid goodbye to Chris due to hmmm….

And I safely brought the two girls back to my house.

Happy New Year babes!!!


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