Winter trip – Melbourne 1st day

MACEH leh wasted my whole night typing the 1st day of my trip and it went up ALL wording gone except for the pictures MALEHHHH!!!!!!! wasted my whole night.

8th July 2010

Stayed up whole night for Spain and Germany match, and ready to flew to my ever 1st winter trip.

Reached Penang International Airport.

checked in and got our boarding passes.

met up with the secret underground lover???

Feel the warmness before we left for the winter.

here we reached LCCT

waiting for our luggages

hang out at Mcd

waiting for this girl to meet up with us

time to checked in

and the queue for Air Asia X from Kl to Melbourne was Soooooooooo freaking loooooooooong my godness!

finally it’s our turned

after waiting for so long.

got our boarding passes

and had our lunch breakie at Old Town White Coffee

My nasi lemak rendang ayam

and a cup of lime juice

he busy taking photos

and she busy reporting to her parents

stopped by at the duty free shop before we depart to buy some ciggies for those smokers in Melbourne.

Smoking = bad for health tsk tsk.

gate opened!!! yay!!! so excited!

my 1st time travel with Air Asia X

Departed at Local time 1.25pm

Actually I like Air Asia X so much that Air Asia because it got more legs room like any other aircraft is just that for a budget long haul flight they dont have free in flight entertainment and they dont have free meal as well. What to expect, for the sake of cheap flight tickets.

Even a bottle of water also costs you RM3. *sigh*

we actually bought ourself a comfort kit when we buy our flight tickets one year ago and inside consists of one blanket

one eye mask and a pillow.

Filled up the immigration form

Australia are well-known for it strictness when pass through immigration so you better declare everything single thing before they caught you and got urself into a trouble.

I don’t know how many times I will say this but I still like to say it everytime I travel. I ? flying!!!

he’s busy reading

I am busy sleeping. Slept for 4 hours straight once I got up to the plane. *tee hee*

woke up and watch a korean movie called Once upon a time in High School

because it was a 8 hours flight so we got no choice but to have our dinner on board. My Pak Nassir Nasi Lemak. 🙁 looks plain!!

that came with nuts and small dried sambal fish.

and a bottle of water.

hellooooo melbourne. we actually one whole day just to travel from day to night 🙁

Tullamarine airport

Reached Temple court room 816 where a place that we will be staying for the whole trip. 🙂

went in and saw a lot of shoes rack and shoes of the owners

busy unpacking

and WTF my luggage’s password suddenly  couldn’t access  maleh

” How am I suppose to take my clothes out and change??? ”

After trying so hard and I fed up so I threw it over to Skillful thief -Mr Leslie Kon ( just kidding) to help me handle the tough job. and I busy taking photos hhahahahahaha :opps:

the kitchen and the dining area that we had our dinner when we are at home.

we were so hungry until we decided to curi 6 packet of Indo Mee which directly import from Indonesia as our 1st supper in Melbourne.

yum yum! *slurp*

After done eating and settle down, took out the Melbourne Visitor’s guide and flip through see what’s events going on in the period when we were in Melbourne and what stuffs that we should checked out! 🙂

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Woke up early for breakfast. Finally on the last day we managed to found a shop for breakfast instead of eating fastfood again.

Had a cup of Bali coffee at Rumah Makan Bamboo corner.

Had two sets of Indonesian breakfast which Boo took fried rice and me was the maggie goreng. Each set costs Rp. 12,0000 = MYR 4

Had a plate of Banana honey pancake which costs Rp. 8,000 = MYR 2.7

Since it is still early, so we went over to the matahari supermarket again for the final round shopping.

There’s so much souveniers to shop.

From as big as sulpture

To small little key chains.

Then to the food section

For more Indomie hahahahahaha was worried wheter we can passed through the custom or not.

Took the Tune hotel’s shutter van to the airport.

Bye bye Tune hotel., Kuta.

Same like Thailand, in Indonesia they got alot of nice sculpture along the road or on the roundabout not like Penang wan so chan!

We reached the Ngurah Rai Airport.

Get ready for our passport.

Was so packed with ang mo, mostly Australian as Perth is just right beside Bali.

Free internet at the departure area.

Had our lunch at the plane.

Boo ordered chicken rice which recommended by the Handsome air steward. Taste good

Mine was actually Bukhara Chicken Briyani rice but ended up I didn’t even manage to eat it as I am not feeling well on the plane.

After two boxes of rice Chris still felt hungry @.@!!!! OMG so here comes one box of doughnuts

Feels like want to eat BUT CANNOT I feel like vomit especially when everyone open their lunch box that time OMG the smells even makes me wana puke. 🙁 arghhhhh……

Finally when the plane landed I TAK BOLEH TAHAN DAH *oouuuuaakkkkkk*

Hmmmm failed ler me 🙁 Now I am starting to worry MELBOURNE 8 hours How am I gonna suffer from that? SHITS!

Spotted this lost and found area SO MANY baggages hmmm……..

Queue to checked in. F’king long queue.

Was too early, so regret now. That time we should have gone for duty free shopping 1st one aiksss… I can buy some liqours home. Online at LCCT’s boarding area.

Chris got himself a paper to read while waiting.

Reached home at 9.30pm Fuh tiring. Start unpacking jobs.

A box full with Indomie. Full makan till siao  😛

We bought ourself two bottles of Bintang Beer each and a Bintang Mug that bought from Warung Murni hahahahah

A few packets of peanuts

My flip-flops for this and next year 🙂 I am so sure that I couldn’t the price that I can get at Bali in Malaysia.

Some Bali coffee.

my shopping items for my very ownself 🙁 so little tak cukup.

Was so damn hungry as I didn’t ate anything for the whole day and was so damn craving for Raffe’s curry chickens. The solution to settle my craving is STRAIGHT go over there and satisfied my tummy. 🙂 Yummmmmm……….

ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzz and I started to MISSSSSSS BALI so much so so much ?

Next trip : MELBOURNE ? ? ?

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8th January 2010

P/s : finally finish editing of the Day 1 photos, phewww~

Finally after waited for almost a year to this day.
It was our 1st trip together to Bali, Indonesia. Woke up super early to catch our flight. I ? flying with air asia. Cheap and good and it makes my traveling dream come true.

It was so damn early.

Here we fly up high to the sky. Have you ever seen the clouds from the top?

and we were so lucky that we get to catch the sunrise from the sky as well wheeee~ ?

Fully rise. My new experience.

The budget airlines Air asia was so high-tech until come out with an self check-in kiosk machine at LCCT airport.

But the machine so damn lousy until we couldn’t checked in by using that so ended up we still need to queue up to checked in *grrrrrrr*

After we got our ticket pass

we headed to LCCT old town to had our brunch. The prices are slightly more expensive than the usual Old town we can get in Penang but still FULL with peoples.

So we wait until it reached our boarding time to go into the boarding gate.

and luckily I brought my laptop with me so get to online at the airport while waiting for the flight.

There, our flight.

here we flew again.

Had to filled in the custom form before we landed.

Was welcome-d by our driver Dean. Everybody say hello to Dean.

Driver with distinction!!!!!!! trust me he’s worth what you pay. I think by far the best in Bali.

Say Hi to the wonders of Bali. Most of the building sculpture are all come with two separated design. According to Dean he said this one was represent the Ying and Yang.

It was lunch time when we reached to Dean recommended us to tried this restaurant for lunch before we headed to our hotel. At 1st me and my boo both was kinda scare the price will costs us alot by looking the outlook and ambiance of this place but it turned out surprisingly cheap and good.

Nice ambiance.

very Bali-nese style. I like.

Had Nasi oncom which cost only Rp 8000  = MYR 2

Yummy Cah Tauge-tauhu-ikan asin which cost Rp. 12 000 = MYR 4

Gepuk Serundeng which is beef with coconut topping Rp. 8500

and Flying Gurame Rp. 39 000 = MYR 13. I feel so kesian see-ing the fish eaten by us 🙁 but I can’t help it, it was so delicious.

We spent our 3 nights in Tune hotel, Kuta which costs only MYR 55 for all three nights which is super damn cheap.

Our room no. 203

The toiletries.

Eventough the room is not huge and big like 4 or 5  stars hotel but is just a place to sleep for the nights only as long as it is clean, comfortable and convenient.

Then we continue our 1st day journey with Dean.

He was the highly recommended driver by trip advisor. Always fully booked by the tourists but of course he costs more than other drivers in Bali but as I said he’s worth what you paying with no bargain. He told us that usually Malaysian are the one who loves to bargain hard, hahahah we was like so malu man eventough we didn’t bargain but it feels so memalukan with our malaysian’s bargain habits.

The road in Bali are surprisingly narrow, there’s just one lane and this they already consider as main road d, my godness so can U imagine how good is the driving are in Bali?

I said : F’king GOOD!!! Penang also cannot compete with them.

1st stop in Bali was the Uluwatu temple.

Temple’s rules.

Those who wear shorts have to tied the cloth.

Say Hi to my Bali-nese boyfriend

Usually I don’t feel anything that can impressed me by looking at other people’s picture of uluwatu until I, myself been there only I felt “WOAhhhhhhhhhhhhh” so impressive man, YOU definitely can’t get that kind of nice view in Penang. Really mind-blasting!

As there got alot alot alot of monkeys so you have to be aware, not to wear sunglasses or any accessories that will easily grab by the monkeys. and if you got food on your hand the monkeys will come to you and beg u for the food.  🙂

Throughout the whole trip there’s only the two of us but Dean drove a Kijang.

On the way down, we stopped by at a place which according to Dean on dry hot season normally here got alot of surfers surfing here, but too bad when we went that time it was a raining season in Bali.

? the glass house and the clear blue sea.

There are also alot of  Garuda statue in Bali which all done by hand craving. REALLY very details.

As when we reached Bali that time it was already Noon time so we don’t have much time to travel every single place in Bali.

As for the night, we went to Made’s warong at Kuta for dinner.

Pork ribs in young papaya Rp. 45 000 = MYR 15

Fried noodles special Rp. 35 000 = MYR 12

Fruit salad Rp. 20 000 = MYR 7 which is goes very well with the lime as topping.

Ohhhh my favourite beer in Bali. You can’t get bintang beer at anywhere else but Indonesia. Awesome beer. It is as smooth as Heineken not like cheapskate carlsberg or tiger beer that u feel very gassy when u drink.

all this patung was actually looking at me when I had my dinner >.<!!!

After dinner headed back to hotel and recharge the energy for the day 2 trip.

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