QE II Heineken Star party

6 December 2009

It was a Heineken Star Party event at QE II 🙂

Wooooooo goldfish was in the house wheeeee~ and Emcee was Jin Hackman *mich’s ex-ie* 😛

They was having a table full of heneiken bottles, awesome. it’s gonna be a good good night.

The chics of the night woooooooooooooooooooo long time no see babes

It wasnt that happening from the start. There u can see from his face. the face of emo-ness

Then we girls went to the bar to order three tequila shots for ourself 🙂

After the mixture of Tequila with beer oooohhh ohhhh we gone wild

Please count and see total how many pictures that I showed my tongue out.

AhA! all together got 6 pictures of my tongue out hahaha and Adrian also tend to follow my style but his looks more like dead fish.

Partay animals

The extra behind makes the picture even more extra with his existence.

The old “kangtau” hahahahahaha

And Heryl always flirt alot whenever he are. NO matter to kuih talam or batang. He even wana rape khobo. tshk tshk

and the guys started to act cute

Esp. Him >.<!!! BO CUTE LER!

Kakacaucau nia *kick*
And Im so loving my BB cream so so love it makes my skin looks more nicer thru photo wheee~ the mixture of BB cream and estee loose powder rocks man!

Adrian was so shy that night and we know why ngek ngek!

Haiyerrrrr this two always i mean each and everytime they surely give you this pose >.<!!!! get a room please, my friends this is a public woi!

and we kissed

It was us that kissssssssssed but force by the guys

The old friend- mIch

Consider as the new friend aka junior- Jovy

This girl always like to kacau Hmph!

*me love*

Did u saw the balloon on the floor hahahahaha it was me the tipsy me pop-ed all the balloons that passed it to me that night thats why my fingers felt so pain on the next day fuh

And I met this guy so randomly. He was my 1st camp’s junior scout 🙂

Aw Kai Ho U look damn cute with this expression keep it up yeah hahahahaha

” If I can be a DJ I wanna name myself DJ SHark ”
” why? ”

” Because Shark eat GoldFish ”
” 😛 ”

Even *me love* friend said this to me ” After so long it was my 1st time seeing you enjoying urself so much tonight ”

hahahahahahahahaha yes I am so god damn enjoy myself that night.

One of my Fav. DJ for malaysian. 🙂 Not bcz he’s cute but I like the songs that he spin wooooo Love it Go goldfish go goldfish but the pose damn failed ler @.@!!

Semua Batang except for me aparently they said I am a half batang and heryl are half talam hahahahah

Afterall it was a really good night it has been sometimes i didnt party hard d wheeeeeeeeeeee
You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

P/s: hope there’ll be another good night coming again ?

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October 9th – Friday

It has been a drinking night for the past few weekends.
The only place we love to hang out spot right now is Zenzi Bar.

Went there with *me love* friends quite often but this is the 1st time I went with my gangs for the past few weeks. hmmmmm…..
The girls of the night ( p/s: there’s only 2 couple hang out night )
One tower free one plate of sausages lagi awesome. The greedy us had 2 tower that night.
She had a new Gucci purse from her dear as pressie for her 21st. Ini kena dimanja lebih-lebih d hahahaha

And we SANG! yeah we sang. There’s free karaoke session up there. I never sang at there before it was my 1st time singing in public fuh kan cheong fully til the max.
The love bird duet and I sang alone 🙁 Lonely me….. wooo woooo Bb next time we should duet our songs. *evil grin*

He loves to act cute I love to act stupid! hahahahahaha I would love to make myself looks as ugly as possible and I LOVE THAT!

Miss Gf and Mr. Bf

A group photo of us.

and of course Ah boon the friendly waiter. Thank you Ah Boon that always helped me kept the beer’s souvenirs for us and also helped us whatever we demand. 😛

Sam and Clara both of my EAA seniors aka the boss of zenzi and the flower waitress of zenzi! *hugsss*

October 17th – Friday
Aha! AGAIN hang out at Zenzi Bar our favourite spot. Famous for it cheap alcohol and friendly people there.
The chicks and the dudes that night.

A new friend found – Tan Ah Liap hahahahhaah It was suppose to ve Lynne Tan aka Ah Liap.
An old friend still – Tutu aka Soo Hoo Pei Ying was once one of my favourite party animal together.

As I said just now I love to act silly as ugly as possible hahaha….. they are not as silly as me cheh bo steady wan.

The Bossy Vivian who loves to scold tutu’s bf CHAN!
The sexy bitch Tutu who always sexy
The Cutie pie Ah Liap who loves to sing

The Peng Hwa Girls. Hi Christine Low Nice to meet u 😛

A guy name Ah Bi and a girl name Ah Liap GOOD COMBINATION. and me? I am popping Vivian without popping khobo and popping adrian. and we love to “pop” hahaha

we’ve been “around the world” ……… Thanks Ah Boon for the “sex on the beach” eventough U kesi kesi said it was for us but ahem we knew…….hahahahaha

After the mixture of Beer and cocktails. AWESOME I got tipsy hell yeah!

and I started to Look like this. P/s : trying to goda popping khobo and Ah Bi hahahahaha
I never ever saw my own horny face before. I didnt know it looks so fail FAIL! hahahahahahhaha ugly fully til the max.

and I started to act silly. I wonder………..Can I be as pretty as Elva Hsiao?

This couple always love to kissed in every single pictures they took eeeeeeeeee yerrrrrrrrrrrr. kiss tak habis habis aikssss……. the most horny couple of all hahaha
tshk tshk!

Then we hopped to QE II to met *me love* who enjoyed in the club.
and bumped into Eli a friend of mine who I knew her when I joined CTC.

October 18th – Saturday
Another week had arrived.
Went to visit a friend of *me love* to see their baby girl Eunice. It has been a long time I didnt cuddle a baby eversince Hui Xin grown up as a big baby. I always love the smell of a baby but not after they vomit the milk *yuckie* .

Ok again. we went to Zenzi bar for some drink again. This time we had cocktail tower instead. I had a pint full of Guiness before the cocktail mmmmmmmmmmmm I love it.

There’s much more drinking for the last saturday due to our dear Tutu’s 21st. *Be right back*

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