23 jan 2011

Morning sunshine! I am so sad that holiday ended so soon.

Meet up with our personal tour guides from Hanoi Kids.

And they brought us to our first destination – The Museum of Ethnology.

Buy ourself an entrance pass.

Operation hour

the ticket

I don’t know what the hell is this.

Ha (in red) and Tran (in black) explaining how Vietnam is divided into 54 different ethnic groups.

Water puppetry, Vietnamese water puppetry is a unique variation on the ancient Asian puppet tradition.

Vietnamese conical hat called ‘non la’ at different stages. I wanted to buy one for myself but Chris told me it will only look cool when u wear it there not back in our home. 🙁

This is amazing.

Taoist altar

Dove’s trap.

Musical instruments.

Went into a the AIDS awareness section.

My attention was caught when I saw this.

A dress which made by condoms!! Amazing. Lady Gaga should have wear this so that she can take the lead for the trend for everyone else to wear it.

Many many types of condoms.

still condoms.

then we headed outside after we are done inside.

There were also an outdoor water puppet show.

The show was just started.

we grab a seat and watched the show

the singers and the musicians at the side.

was curious by seeing so many people gather around

They are competing to see who can make the loudest sound with hollow round shaped plasticines. Well, kind of interesting.

Vietnam hand-made woodblock printing in progress.


Was amazed how they made it.

We were lucky where we went to Vietnam near the Tet holiday season (Vietnam’s Chinese New Year), we managed to enjoy some of the games normally played in the villages during Tet.

bamboo dancing game, just follow the rhythm and jump.

Looooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg house.

They had this very interesting design for the staircase to the long house.

Looks like he doesn’t enjoy groping a wood boob. 😛

Taaaaaaalllllllll house.

reached the top!!

This is how the interior look like.

Had fun playing badminton game using the racquet’s which look like ping pong’s racquet.

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22nd January 2011 – The day I turned 23!! Yay!!

Woke up early and went down to the dining area for our breakfast.

3 types of breakfast to choose from the menu. In Vietnam you definitely must choose Vietnamese breakfast as you wont get to eat that back in anywhere else you live.

got myself a namecard of the hotel from the reception just in case we got lost.

A banana a day keeps constipation away

I Love banana.

a cup of coffee for him and a cup of tea for me.

A bowl of mind-blasting pho that can satisfied your tummy.

A glass of lime juice.

Chris booked ourself a tour package to Halong Bay so after done prepared we get down to the lobby and met Mai our tour guide.

He brought us to our van

and start our journey to picked up other passengers

Passed by Hoan Kiem Lake, residence of the famed 1000 year old turtle.

Halfway of the journey we had our toilet stopped.

As usual, when u take tour package this is where they always love to stopped by for you. 🙂

Ordered a cup of hot tea.

Chris ordered a fried noodle and brought up to the van for his hungry tummy

After 4 long hours, we arrived at the front entrance of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. Phew~ is like the journey from pg to kl.

walking towards the entrance.


The junk boat we took Halong 08.

Comfortable junk boat.

He’s excited

Went up to the 2nd level of the boat and took a picture with the beautiful limestone karsts by the sea.

“when I was small I wanted to become a captain like those in Titanic….”

I present you Ha Long 08.

it was sooo soooooo so so so damn cold up there.

This is what Ha Long bay looks like, plenty of limestone karsts from the sea.

Admiring the spectacular view.

Floating farm in the center of the sea.

He’s trying to reach the top of the stone.

After done shopping at the floating market, went back up to the boat

for lunch. My birthday lunch on the boat kinda cool 🙂

Fresh clams

fresh prawns



taste like egg taufu

spring roll


romantic lunch. Thought he might actually surprise me by asking everyone sing a birthday song for me but I guess I expect too much 🙁 Oh well, I do appreciate he brought me to Vietnam to celebrate my birthday. Thank you. Hugs!

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