13th July 2010

Good Morning.

The Big Ass Screen at Federation Square

Spot us…. Spotted

Reached Fedaration Square

to pay a visit at ACMI ( Australian Center for the Moving Image )

Bought a double pass ticket for both Tim Burton Exhibition and European Master

The batman car

Balloon boy

Before heading into the Tim Burton’s exhibition , we 1st had fun at ACMI

Kinda cute like a robot. *teehee*

All sort of video cameras, Tv, games and projectors from the past until the present time.

Lucite Television

It sure very old.

Carlie Chaplin

Felix the cat.

I used to have one Felix’s t-shirt back in childhood era.

Astro boy.

This always reminds me of Justin Chu, I don’t know why.

Toy’s story

Star wars


Costume from Moulin Rouge

All sorts of games set from the past until now are available here.

He’s busy playing with the shadow monster

This is how he look like if  he were to become a monster one day

TY the Tasmanian Tiger

You won’t feel anything special judging by the picture

This is how exactly look like in live.

Then it’s time to go for the exhibit of Tim Burton’s. No pictures were allowed to be taken. A lot of famous Tim Burton’s movies that he exhibit there such as the recently one Alice in the wonderland, Batman, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Edward Scissorshand, Sweeney Todd, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and etc. Inside we saw lots of props used in Tim Burton’s movies like the real costume used in Batman, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

I guess it was because of winter that’s why the tree are all bald.

Gathered at Willy’s ( Soo Nee’s bf ) house before we head to Mount Dandenong.

Should have pose in more gaya style to make it look like as if we are Mr. and Mrs. Smith 😳

I was actually shocked to see this coming. Theyare like well-trained postman came in one by one

until it form a line full with all the yellow striking postmen. Awesome! 😯

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Winter trip – Melbourne 4th day

11 July 2010

Almost the same breakfast every morning 🙂

took a walk down to Flinders street tram station.

and decided to bought ourself a 10 times 2 hours tram passes which are more worth it if were to buy each time we travel.

we should have bought this when we 1st arrive!! we only bought it on the 3rd day, MISTAKE!

continued our journey to hunt for parking spaces. Saw alot of interesting building structures along the street.

Public toilet.

traffice light sign.

Why?? Alot of Handky Panky stuffs happens?

hahahahahah don’t drink on street but you can

Men’s gallery, strip club.

Kilkenny Inn. I guess it must be full of kilkenny pint in there. *tee hee*

So Autumn.

With her.

and her. On the road doing silly stuffs.

while waiting.

Cool wannabe! haha Found a macho.

Sooooo happily in love on the street. HE’s mine!!!

went to Queen Victoria Market to search for parking lots as recommended by Dave.

the parking rate.

After done searching, we had a date with Ming Ming. Stopped by Federation Square and spotted two huge mascot.

Reached State Library. Coolest I’ve seen in my life. Compare to ours back in Penang OMG!! hahahahaha

A snap shot with Sir Redmond Barry.

Huge right?

Sir Redmond Barry.

Charles Joseph La Trobe, the first lieutenant-governor of the colony of Victoria in 1846.

Hanging around while waiting for his cousin to meet us.

Reached at a 24 hours open restaurant.

A placed which serve Greek Food.

the menu


The four of us whom flew thousand miles away from home to explore Melbourne.

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10th july 2010

Woke up with healthy breakfast

Rushed all the way from Collin Street to federation Square. A street performer

ACMI in Federation square

as we signed up for a Melbourne by foot one day tour.

so meet up everybody at Federation Square. This is Dave Carswell, our tour guide.

big ass projection screen at Federation Square

He explained each and every inch of Melbourne Federation Square.

this remind me of  Hong Kong Star Avenue.

This is not a Paris Tower.

As you know this is called Melbourne by foot so our whole day tour was traveled the Melbourne city by our own foot.

Explaining right beside the Yarra River.

Very concentrating. Actually at that time when he explained I felt so dizzy as I had a very bad hang over after the 3 shots and one glass of  champaign the night before.

very western style design.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Birrarung Marr’s Federation Bells, The awesome part of the tour.

The Ferris Wheel. This remind me of one of my bestie wanted to get her proposal in the wheel. haha

Is bigger than me.

*chik chak* It was so damn cold.

The railway crossings merging towards Flinders Street Station.

Batman Avenue. What a name 😛 why not superman avenue or ironman avenue?

reached the awesome ACDC lane. I wasn’t aware until Chris told me ACDC actually are an Australian rock band, formed in 1973. Their album Back in Black is 2nd highest-selling album in history, behind Thriller by Michael Jackson. AC/DC ranked fourth on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. The most interesting part is their latest album was Iron man 2 soundtrack! No wonder ler they are so proud of ACDC and renaming of Corporation Lane to ACDC Lane as a tribute to the rock band.

The entire lane was actually street arts.

pay attention to what Dave wanted to tell us before we start admiring the arts.


I actually like the western culture as they appreciate ART.

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