21st January 2011

Woke up and greeted by the decorations along the staircase. Each floor was designed in different type of deco. Interesting.


They were busy preparing breakfast for us.

A cup of juice again. I think if I were to stay there for one week I guess I’ll be given this to me every morning. 🙂

My omelette and  baguette.

After Breakfast, I quickly showered and went to Hoang Thy Beauty Salon that I had massage on the 2nd day to get my pedicure done. Guess what, I cannot believe it neither do u. This pedicure and nail polish just costs me VND 40,000 which is RM6.00, YES ONLY RM6!!!! NO JOKE. The cheapest I’ve ever came upon to.

Seriously I just couldn’t help myself but her boobies really very big. 😈

Went back to the hotel and together we took a walk along September 23 Park.

Empty park in the day but when the sky turn dark there will be alot of lovebirds hanging out there on their bike.

Met this cute little puppy on the way. Guess that puppies are just too cute to handle. soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee…………

Ben Thanh market.

Shopping spreeeee…. but seriously I didn’t get to shop much in Vietnam. I think of all the places I went to Vietnam is the only place I don’t find alot of things to buy there except for lotus seed. 

Rows and rows of the shops.

There were actually a mini food court behind the shops.

there were actually too many to choose and we don’t even know what is what. Somehow this one just caught our attention, probably because of the food?

Vietnamese spring rolls.

The awesome beef.

I am not really a fan of the spring roll but I am definitely a fan of the juicy oily beef,

Ooooooooooooooooooooooo, mind-blasting. 😯

he then saw the dessert stall right next to it.

I don’t know what is that call.

After done shopping, on the way back to our hotel he was so excited see-ing the big ass durian.

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