American Idol Season 9

It’s back again!! wheee~

this year so far there’s only 3 guys that are out-standing to me.

My fav. Andrew Garcia, Casey James and Lee Dewyze.

I don’t know why eventough the girls are not bad but no one stands out hmmm…. and the talents still not so power enough like previous year especially compare to last year.

The guys only the three I stated above which I think got very high chances to win, the rest of the guys OMG . FTL!!!!

I HATE Haeley Vaughn, everytime she start singing I felt so annoying. SUPERB!! and I hate it ;( and she’s ugly, sorry to say that! πŸ™

Bowersox not bad but somehow hmmm…. lack of charisma. She doesn’t stand out like a star eventough she’s talented.

Andrew Garcia very talented and I like him from the moment he sang Straight Up by Paula in Hollywood week.

Casey James, my ?!! Super Handsome, Super Tall and when he sing my ? melt.!!..!!

John Park, OMG he damn failed ler. How can u said that because of money @.@!!! U sound like we Asian very money face. Say ler U want to make life’s better OMG mempersiasuikan asian!! FAILED max!

Lee Dewyze got a very sexy voice that attract me alotΒ  ?

Lilly Scott special but don’t think she will go to far.

So far if u want me to pick one among all the girls I would say Michelle Delamore still not bad she can sing and she has the charisma in her πŸ™‚

Tim Urban sucks til the max. The most weak wan. haih Don’t understand why he didn’t get kicked out in the 1st round. Please american vote wisely. πŸ™‚


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