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20 January 2011

Good Morning. This is how Bich Duyen’s dining area look like.

Im hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

A cup of juice to boosted us up.

Vietnamese Chili


Tea with milk

Our baguette and sunnies side up.

Morning view outside our hotel. I love it here because the hotel located inside the valley without facing the main road so it won’t be filled with all those busy noisy traffic out there.

The street outside our hotel.

The rubbish cart and the rubbish collector.

This is how it work.

Looked out the board above the entrance that’s how u can find Bich Duyen.

Met up with Quang, our tour guide from Saigon Hotpot (Saigon Hotpot is a group of university students who offer free tours of their native city.  All that needs to be paid is their transport costs to and from your meeting place and entrance fees where necessary.)

Here we are.

Buy ourself a ticket.

Loi Vao.

My pass.

Entered into a briefing room to listen to the history and structure of the Cu Chi tunnels before we start.

We were caught by our curiosities of why there are so crowded at that one spot.

Demonstration by the tourist guide.

He taught us how to hide ourself.

He’s gone.

He tried out himself.

Now u see me.

Now u don’t.

My turn.

I was so afraid that my flip-flop might fall into the hole.

Ok this is a false demonstration.


Because I might cause enemies spotted our hiding entrance spot by not covered with leaves and IT’S NOT TIGHT!!!

One of the many entrances to the underground tunnels.

Watch out!

It’s a trap.

A very small and narrow entrance.

fake entrance for confusing purpose

Women soldiers were usually tasked to guide the soldiers into the tunnels. So they played very important role when war.

Termite hole for ventilation of the smoke from kitchen

Saw a big tank.

Very big and scary when I was up there.

Gory places.

All the scary traps.

The military workshop.

This is how the process of rice paper are done.

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19 January 2011

It was a lovely Wednesday to begin my Vietnam trip. All set and ready to go.

thank you Mr. Driver. (As it was a Wednesday, everyone was working so thanks to Mr. Driver who willing to fetch us to airport)

He got himself a set of fillet-o-fish

and for me, did some reading before head up to the plane.

our checked in online boarding passes.

it was a long queue at the boarding gate.

He always gets very excited whenever he gets to fly. (high-flyer betui)

Kesian that in here we didn’t get to pass through the sky bridge to get in like what we get in Australia. 🙁

Yay, after half year wait finally I am flying again. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Reached Lcct.

Me and my new crocs and my purple coasas cabin luggage, looks cool? 😎 *please say yes*

He always like to ask me to pose right in front of the arrival gate.

heading towards Lcct food garden. It was my 1st time there as I never know that Lcct had a food court there.

there were so many plugs for the travelers to do the charging.

I felt hungry after chatting online and updating facebook, so decided to tried the Nasi Padang.

cute plane they have.

Do you like this? Yes I do. That’s telling me :” you are way up in the sky”

Started my Twilight Saga: Eclipse using my Galaxy S. See a handy smart phone memang saved all my troublesome bringing my bulky laptop everywhere I go.

here we finally reached The international terminal of Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

i just couldn’t understand why are we two so lazy by not walking through the pathway but through the escalator. 👿

Madness crowd that I’ve ever seen in my life outside the arrival gate.

Ga Trong Nuoc.

We need small change for the bus fare so I went to buy ourself a bottle of water in order to get small changes.

waiting Chris to find our bus 152

Fuh……..this remind me of our mini bus 🙂

our bus tickets. The bus fare costs 8,000 VND  per person.

have u ever heard of crazy traffic in vietnam??? Now that I’ve experienced it, it was MADNESS traffic that I’ve ever seen in my life. MAD!!!!

Vietnamese sitting by the roadside.

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A long lost friend

Dear friend,

It wasn’t easy for all of your friends to accept the fact that u’ve gone at the young age.

I do remembered we met in the year 2003 , 8 year ago, couldn’t believe it was that long. Was shocked when Adrian told me the news, was hard for everyone to see you one last time when you are sleeping inside the coffin. 🙁

I couldn’t believe that new year eve was the last time I get to said “Hi” and the next time I saw you was attending your funeral last night. All of the sudden, there are some flash back memories. You used to called me, and we used to share our “sim su” long long long time ago after traplex. I remembered what you told me about the romantic stuffs you did to your girlfriend, and there was once you called me when you’re drunk.

My friend,

Even tough, we’ve lost contact after that but you will forever be missed. May you rest in peace. ?

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