2D1N – Hatyai Trip

6 August 2011

It was our short get-away trip to the land of Hatyai.

Had an early breakfast.

Went over to Maybank for a quick stop

To reload touch-n-go

The early view of Penang Bridge

Thanks to Julius for the Garmin Nuvi

Got our passes to Hatyai

Got PCJ 2100 for it’s insurance as well.

He was starving, so bought a Roast Pork Bao.

Naluri Aman’s duty free shop.

This is always my favourite stops to get my passes done.

Here we are. Immigration of Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Immigration of Thailand.

Get PCJ his chop 1st

and then only our turn. It was lucky that we came early, the queue wasn’t that long yet, but surprisingly there are alot of penangites on that day.


Checked in.

Room 518.

The view from our hotel room.

The wardrobe.

The bed.

The shower area.

The bath tub.

Sing Golden Place Hotel.

Started our Amazing Thai trip.

1st thing 1st, food hunting. Beef noodle. *slurp*

One thing funny about the drinks in Thailand, the straw is so short until u hardly can suck your drinks.

My oh my. I lurve……

Stayed in Lee Garden for my previous trip when I attended Ah Pok’s wedding.

Suan Hin market.

Bangkok Pancake!!!!!!

Went to checked out the Hanky pank’s pink hotel beside Lee Garden Plaza.

Went to New Season Hotel’s for massage.

Highly recommended as it’s cheap and what I like is, it’s very clean.

Went to Lee Garden Plaza for late lunch.

The food court area.

Pork leg rice. My favourite. Costs THB 35

PadThai, my no.1 favourite. Costs THB 35

and after I came out and passby the 7eleven beside Lee Garden Plaza I finally found the Aunty selling coconut ice cream. I’ve looking for it for so damn long. FINALLLY this time i know what time and where she will be.

Happy girl with her favourite coconut ice-cream = satisfaction.


Went back to the hotel for refreshment and had a short nap.

Ready for the night.

The sky started to turned dark.

Stop for dinner.

This time no more eyes closing.

his fried noodle.

Mine Char Hor fun. Dinner costs THB120.

Took a motorcycle tuk-tuk as we don’t know where West Side Saloon located.

West Side Saloon Bar.

The very fun cheeky waitress that entertained the both of us alot that night.

Made friends with some uncles there. Seriously, a bar filled with UNCLES!!!! but the band was surprisingly good. Hard Rock Penang should have pay them to sing.

7 evelen Basil Chicken Rice for supper.

7 August 2011

Woke up and 1st thing 1st food hunting!

What a heavy breakfast. *tsk tsk tsk*


Bitter gourd Soup

Winter Melon Soup

Raw Vege

Does it look mouth watering?

Sugar Cane Water

Checked out and drove to Tesco Lotus and did some groceries shopping.

Had lunch at the food court before we leave Hatyai.

Had my No.1 Favourite Padthai again.

Pork Leg rice.

Get the refund back for the Cash Card.

And popped to Dairy Queen. Why there’s non of any Dairy Queen or Cold Stone franchise in PENANG???? HUH???

Was dilemma.

Choose Macha Green Tea

and Oreo. It costs THB35 per cup.

It’s time to leave Hatyai and it started to rain.

But when the moment we reached the immigration stop the sky turned sunny again.

Get all the paper work done!

Bon Voyage!

1st tol on our way back.

Hello Penang!

It was 6.47pm when we finally reached home.

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Big changes

It has been awhile since I did some massive damage on my pocket and make it into a major changes for my entertainment.

From Motorola First Generation V3i

The 1st flip phone that I’ve ever had

to my favourite 1st smart phone samsung galaxy s.

was fed up with all those hidden charges by Maxis.

So made up my mind, from Maxis postpaid

and made the smarter choice, *singing I will follow you* change into Digi Prepaid.

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Vietnam Birthday Trip-Day 6 : Hanoi

24 jan 2011

Last day of the trip 🙁

Woke up god damn early for a breakfast


packed and ready to leave

Pay and checked out the hotel

The receipt. 22 USD per night.

Got into our taxi and off we went to the airport at 6.20am!

The line was like soooo lonnnngggggg

got our bags checked in

and I am feeling so sad when the moment I walked into the boarding gate.

My boarding pass

was kinda boring and started to took pictures on those immigration chops for the countries that I’ve been visited.

Macau & China




Hong Kong


Bye bye Hanoi. 🙁

had our brunch on the plane.

I ordered Smoke Bbq Chicken

His Awesome pawsome set.

The uncle chin chicken rice.

What’s inside fortune cookies said :

Had a little sky admiring after brunch. Hmmmm I really love flying.

Here I am again LCCT.

Waited for our luggage at the belt.

Boarded the plane.

Home sweet home.

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