my barbie dream

Saw this picture online it makes me remember
When I was small yeah, of course i played barbie. Barbie is part of my childhood life.
I had a lot of Barbie and Barbie clothing’s.
Play that with my cousins and friends even sister and my brother.
I was once wish to have a closet full with all my clothing.
Oh well even now i am still having that wish so
I feel like making my closet full again! wheeeee~
I love to be like barbie can have thousand dresses and shirts or skirts
so i wouldn’t have just one kind of style 🙂
I wish to be as glamoures as Barbie
I’ve got a secret! I plan to have a big glass cupboard in my house in the future to place all my Barbie collections there. Sad to say that my granny and my mom gave my barbies and ken to
other children and they are no longer with me anymore 🙁
I *heart* Barbie!

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