Fragile heart!

Yes, i admit i am fragile so please handle me with care, full of care instead!!

So now back to last midnight, there is this guy said this to me
“jangan regret when he belongs to someone else in the future can di la”
actually i know the answer will be a definitely YES i will for sure, i know i will regret =( *sigh*
and yes he did asked me this as well
“why don’t you just let him know?”
and how am i suppose to let him know??
I really dont know…
maybe is just because of i dont have the courage to let him know
and of course I am afraid to know the answer maybe
i got a big, huge feelings that the answer might be turning me down
so i choose not to know
haihhhh a big * sigh* for me!!

Maybe someday i might get insane and got the guts to tell him?? who knows lol
but i bet it’s hard! =P

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