Day 2 – Beijing

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Paying attention to what Kong Ling explained the history of Forbidden City.

The Incense Burner.

According to Kong Ling this was a complete full piece of stone carving.

The always seen lions stone statue.

The hall of preserving harmony is one of the three halls of the Outer Court of the Forbidden City.

The throne in the Hall of Preserving Harmony

Hall of Mental Cultivation (???) was built originally in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty, it was here that from the time of Yongzheng Emperor in the 18th century the Qing Emperors lived and ruled the Chinese Empire. Three emperors died in the Hall.

The Palace of Earthly Tranquility (???) is the northernmost of the three main halls of the Inner Court of the Forbidden City, the other two halls being the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the Hall of Union.

2 rooms in the Palace of Earthly Harmony were retained for use on the Emperor’s wedding night.

It was so damn tired walking through the whole forbidden city, one door by one door.

So we had a short rest with our favourite Tsing Dao Beers.

Him & the tour guide, Kong Ling.

And we continued. This tree was called the lover tree.

We are now inside the Imperial Garden (???). This was a private retreat for the imperial family

In there, we could actually smells the fragrance of the osmanthus everywhere in the garden. It was so nice.

From far we could actually see the Jingshan Park.

Fuh~ here we are finally finished the whole forbidden city.

Next stop, Jingshan Park (????). Jingshan is immediately north of the Forbidden City on the central exist of Beijing. The last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen, committed suicide by hanging himself here in 1644.

The view of the whole forbidden city from the top.

There is this service for photography shooting on the throne up there.

Jingshan is especially a popular place for elderly people socializing and gathering. One can often find elderly folks dancing, singing opera and doing other cultural activities, such as kuai ban, at Jingshan.

Here we are at Shichahai (???). It is an historic scenic area consisting of three lakes in the north of central Beijing in China.

There were filled with alot of rickshaws.

You can even rent bicycle there and they even have this three seater’s bicycle.

Or you can rent a rickshaw ride to tour around the Shichahai.

There were so many bars around the lake.

Roadside food stall.

and they couldn’t resists it.

We tour around the Hutong (??) which is what we call it “lorong” in Malaysia.

After a full day of day tour, we went back and took a shower and ready to continue with our nightlife in Beijing.

Arghhhh my love, Lee hom. 😳

It was the longest escalator that I’ve seen in my life.

Sanlidun is famous for it’s nightlife.

It was a late dinner, so we decided to had Mcd.

First, we went to Mix. It was so packed and we paid entrance fees just to walk one round in the club and came out. 🙄 And the amazing thing I saw in there was, in a club they had fruits and beer and all of them are mostly seated instead of standing. IN A CLUB MAN, it looks so like a restaurant to me.

Next we hopped to Babyface, another club. In the end we didn’t want to pay for the entrance fees no more so we shifted to Sanlidun bar street.

We came upon this First Floor, a bar.

We managed to found ourself a seats. She’s busy with her mini gadget,

They were busy lovey-doving

and we were busy drinking. 😈

We came out and discover this amazing stalls but we were so fulled and too bad we couldn’t managed to try that on that night. So off we go and end the night. 🙂

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