Day 2 – Beijing

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There are 3 main halls surrounding the temple. One of it there are altar in there.

Next Echo Wall.

Echo Wall is a beautiful wall that surrounds The Imperial Vault of Heaven.

Exit to the Circular Mound (??)

The 6 “tiong kok po” (China girl) and “tiong kok Kia” (China boy) at the Danbi Bridge.

In front of The Circular Mound.

The entrance.

The Circular Mound is an outdoor empty circular platform on three levels of marble stones. This altar was build for religious purposes, especially for ceremonies to pray for rain by the emperor in times of drought.

As I walked up to the stairs and I looked back the entrance is getting smaller and smaller. That’s what I felt when I was in Beijing, almost everything is like so big China really got such big lands.

This tree got a name and it’s call The Nine dragon of Juniper ??? and it’s over 500 years old.

The guide board.

Was so hungry after that, asked Kong Lin about where he gonna take us for lunch.

To be honest when the 1st moment he dropped us in front of the restaurant I got a feeling that this might be a “slaughter” restaurant which will costs us alot for our lunch

but surprisingly 😯 when we flipped through the menu the price was actually OK and it’s affordable. I would say it was consider quite cheap if we were to compare the price in Dragon-i back in here.

Appetizer – Blueberry Yam, taste wise for me so so.

this was good.

hot pot chicken, very nice.

Pork ribs. Awesome. And it’s only costs RMB 35.65/person!!!

After done eating, continued our next stops. Tian’anmen Square ???????but before that we had a long walk before we reached. First we saw Qianmen Old Station ???????.

the gals with lavendar.

Row of Pine Tree. Definitely gives you the China feels. Very “kochabi”

Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

Qianmen (??) which is also called Zhengyangmen (???).

The gate is situated to the south of Tiananmen Square.

That is Mausoleum of Mao Zedong (??????).

An underground tunnel link to Tian’anmen.

The building beside is Great Hall of the People (?????) which is used for legislative and ceremonial activities by the People’s Republic of China and the Communist Party of China.

China National Museum (???????).

Monument of the People’s Heroes (???????) The Monument was built in memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the revolutionary struggles of the Chinese people during the 19th and 20th centuries.

stopped for some junk food from a mobile store.

Here we are at Tianmen Square.

Getting ready

to JUMP!!!!!

Ok it seems like it was a fail attempt as everyone was jumping at the same time 😯

The Tian’anmen Rostrum.

From far I thought it was real person standing up there waving to us.

but turns out it was fake one la!!

Here we are at the Meridian gate (??). It is the southern and largest gate of the Forbidden City. Without any surprise, it always packed of tourists 365days.

Got our entrance tickets for RMB60 each.

The clearer map of the Forbidden City

Us inside Forbidden City.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony (???) is the largest hall within the Forbidden City. It is located at its central axis, behind the Gate of Supreme Harmony. Built above three levels of marble stone base, and surrounded by bronze incense burners, the Hall of Supreme Harmony is one of the largest wooden structures within China.

The building beside us.

It was soooooOOOOoooooo Huge!

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