Day 2 – Beijing

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Morning street, morning breeze,

Took a walked down to 7 eleven nearby our hotel

to get some breakfast for ourself.

our first breakfast in Beijing!

Awesomely good Porridge.

Kinda like ham egg bun.

My sort-of everyday must drink for breakfast in Beijing-Black soya bean.

My favorite Roasted Beef Noodle (Kang Sifu)

As we had booked a tour guide online way before we reached Beijing so we hooped onto his car and started our journey.

There are alot of motivation awareness road sign all along the road in Beijing.

First tourist attraction – Temple of Heaven (??). Bought our tickets which costs RMB35/person.

A group picture in front of the brief introduction board.

Kong Ling (our tour guide) roughly brief us of the temple of heaven.

The moment you walked pass into the entrance this was the first thing we saw.

Is like a botanical garden for the Chinese old folks to have there activities there and the funny thing is YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GO HANG OUT AT THE PARK, even their own citizen.

They joined in the crowd and dance.

The acrobatic uncle showing his skill 🙂

Colorful Shuttlecocks (??)

Old Chinese Aunties and Uncles are so pro playing that.

Most of the roof has all these dragon or lion (I don’t know)

The 3 Musketeer.

My favourite epic picture for the trip. It looks like I am trying to slap him “gao gao” muahahahah 😈

Our first group photo for the day.

On the way, there’s a long corridor where all the old aunty uncle playing all kinds of games like playing cards, Mahjong, and this one caught our attention – scramble in Mahjong style (creative betui)

Is just a very simple English but it still good for brain training to avoid Alzheimer

Before we enter A must take picture in front of the metal gate.

Temple of Heaven – ??

In Beijing I think everywhere and anywhere 365 days also full of tourists.

It was a soooooooooo so so so so so nice scene where an old architect with the clear blue sky behind.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (???) is a magnificent triple-gabled circular building, 36 metres in diameter and 38 metres tall, built on three levels of marble stone base, where the Emperor prayed for good harvests. The building is completely wooden, with no nails. The original building was burned down by a fire caused by lightning in 1889. The current building was re-built several years after the incident.

The short history of the temple.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests has four inner, twelve middle and twelve outer pillars, representing the four seasons, twelve months and twelve traditional Chinese hours respectively. Combined together, the twelve middle and twelve outer pillars represent the traditional solar term.

Noticed that the stone carve with the clouds and dragon

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