Day 1 – Beijing

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After unpacked our stuffs went out and hunt for food

The weather turned cool in the night.

Passby a roadside lok-lok. Had a few of it.

Was kinda excited to try everything we saw there.

Decided to had some noodles for our dinner.

Had a hard time to choose what we want.

High cholesterol appetizer

A little intro of the shop.

Started our night with a few bottles of Yan Jing Beer.

“dan dan” noodles – ???. It tasted very different from what we had here because it taste like peanut paste.

Had a little walk after dinner and saw a restaurant which serve donkey meet.

Passby KFC and went in for a look see what they have that nothing we had here. The only thing is they had ???? bubble milk tea.

Went to the street next to our hotel “nan luo gu xiang” – ???? to had for a walk before the nights end.

There are alot of foods stall, shopping stalls even bars.

Bought a cup of juices.

and she bought churros.

Went into a bar which full of Ang mo’s and had a YanJing draft beer.

Cheers for the night!

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