Day 1 – Beijing

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Bought our bullet train ticket

Headed into the waiting area.

The bullet train ticket costs RMB55/each person and it took only 45mins to reach Beijing.

Went for the bakery to buy some bread to filled our hungry tummy.

It was a long queue.

and *tada* posing right in front of the bullet train.

So cool man 1st time ever I took a bullet train.

It was 21 degree celcius outside and I kinda love the weather there.

They are excited. Had a little chat with the local there.

Reached Beijing railway station, bought ourself the “yi ka tong” card and took a metro to our hotel.

LED advertisement along the journey of the metro.

We went out at the wrong stop so we had to carry our luggage and walked and walked and walked, in the end we decided to take a bus to our hotel.

Finally we reached our room.

The basin area

The shower area

The pee pee poo poo area

The room was surprisingly quite big and clean

The “zzzzzZzzz” area

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