Day 1 – Beijing

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Woke up with a mamee cup for breakfast in Tune Hotel

Took the bus shutter to LCCT and had our baggage checked in

The rest went to Taste of Asia to had their breakfast

Enjoying their breakfast

Ready to aboard! WoooHoooooo!

As it was 6 Hours flight so we had to have our lunch in the flight.

Chicken Kung Pao Rice, it taste okok only I still prefer the BBQ Chicken.

So far there’s no problem for me to had a long journey flight because basically I slept alot in the plane but so far the longest I’ve took is just 8 hours I don’t know about those super long journey wan.

This is a must took picture. Anywhere, anytime.

Here we are Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

Waiting to collect our baggages

As Air Asia doesn’t land directly in Beijing so we have to take a shuttle bus to the railway station from airport.

There is a shuttle bus service just right outside the airport so convenient

and it only costs RMB10/each person.

Here we are at Tianjin railway station.

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