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“you got to find what u love, and the only way to truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, the only way to do great work is to love what u do, if you havent found i yet, keep looking and dont settle”

Just 3 simple stories and it helps. I need to find what I love!

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“my dream is to fly over the rainbow so high!…….” has been kept on playing this in my head over and over and over again.

Ya, there was once my dream is really to fly. I mean stewardess 🙂 but from stewardess now became a graphic designer. phew~ I dont know wheter is it still gonna be a bright future for me in this field if i still wanna continue stays here and do what i am doing everyday at the moment. I dont know wheter is it gonna still works for me to continue pursue my designer dream? I dont know. All I can see and what I can see is the path is quite blur-ish and uncertain. 🙁 sad to say that. Ya Im still young, so damn young. I am suppose to get experience and explore, thats what I am doing right now. 🙂

But I got a dream. A dream that I had in my mind all this while, since I am small. I always wish to own a boutique shop. YA, I SAY OWN, so please dont laugh, thats my dream. Since small, I love to play barbie. The reason why until now I still love barbie because only Barbie can let me play with fashion by changing and mix & match from the top to the toe. I love doing that, actually. and I always love to buy clothes If im rich enough I WILL DEFINITELY made myself a walk-in wardrobe in my house but TOO BAD. I AM NOT RICH ENOUGH TO DO SO. 🙁

I always dreamed to own a boutique myself, but I got not courage to do so. 1st i got no modal=money. 2nd i got no experience. 3rd I might be to young to handle a shop ( but who knows ) hmmmm……… should I get started with the 1st step to really pursue my dream or I should continue do what I am doing right now? It’s not easy, life’s always not easy but I can only live once in my life so………………………OMG I need courage ler.

It might be scary but thats what I like. 🙂 my friends and babes are u all gonna support me if i really make the 1st step? *wink wink*

p/s: *me love*, I still didnt forget our “scoooopsss” 😛 no worries. will still work on that until success! hugs

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