Series in 2010

American Idol Season 9 is back wheee~

I ? Victoria Beckham. ? her so much ? her gorgeous-ness

How can she be so pretty OMG She is thin but she can be pretty so I don’t want to grow fats!!! NEVER!! I don’t fucking care. ? ? ? ?

New series in town- GLEE. Hot topic!! ? it also.

I ? my new man Cory Monteith , He will be the next actor I Love after Ed Westwick.

P/s: If you like high school musical type of person then YES U will definitely like this series.

The songs all are actually covers but they sung more nicer than the original one ?

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I love fringe so much. So much until I dont know how to describe how much it is.
JJ Abrams rocks man! By far my most favourite tv shows director *wink wink*
I used to love gossip girls as well but hmmmm it doesn’t excite me anymore since half of the season 2. The storyline abit dull and the tv viewers has drop as well.
Still fringe the best so far so good. 🙂

And for tvb series I love beyond the realm of conscience the most. Not just because I love the actress but the show is good. Fuh love it. Cant tend to miss it.
Born rich so far I dont feel is good. hmmm I wonder wheter I should continue? It started abit nonsense inside the series Thats what I hate the most but beyond the realm of conscienc really best!

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ooooo…… Finally it’s all back muahahahahaha!
I waited for so long. has been only watching dl-ed movies all these while ohhhhh lovely finally it’s back.

Gossip Girls season 3
The only thing I dont like about it is the super duper hyper complicated relationship between each and everyone of them. SUPER! but this is the movies all about. The director super cute ler but too bad RACIST!! until now has already season 3 and i dont even see one of a black guy and black girl in there. tsk tsk racist!

Fringe season 2
Oh awesome by far my No.1 tv show! Damn chi kek wei! trust me U will love me. Every episode can always take u up to the climax! damn syok when u watch it.

How I met your mother season 5
Awwwww….. this one BEST! U will never feel stress watching it. So nice and funny. The best comedy! I love barney!

P/s: Bert, How i Met your mother is back!!!!!!!! wait for it……

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