Winter Trip – Melbourne 8th day

15th July 2010

Always woke up and breakfast are well prepared on the table.

took a tram

To National Gallery of Victoria. Now I kinda miss the weather there. European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th–20th Century brings together a remarkable collection of masterpieces from the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, one of the finest collections in Europe.

the entrance.

the interior

the art of the ceiling

A small house

We brought out our double ticket bought on day 6 during our visit to ACMI

To St. Kilda

to hunt for food.

and we came upon Lilydale

they offered free range charcoal chicken

have ourself a seat

and start ordering

the set menu.

a ray of chicken for you to choose

travel tips : take as much vege and fruits while travel.

Leslie’s set

Chris’s half chicken, risotto salad and fries. And where’s mine??

walk towards the beach and saw this Street cafe. according to Chris this is a highly rated cafe by Australians.

spotted a colourful birdie

Weirdo tree

the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.

Reached St. Kilda Pier

a long long long long long long looooooooong

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14th July 2010

Woke up and saw breakfast already prepared 🙂

Thank you Mr. B ?

Ready to go.

2 hours drive to Philip Island so they have to take shift but better as compare to 4 hours drive to Great Ocean Road. 2nd Driver of the day.

Reached San Remo.

can you find this back in Penang?

As it is still early so alot of shops haven’t really open so we had our breakfast at Bakehouse.

kinda like this one.

The pastries

Awwww…….. ?

Love is in the air ^^ Hahahahahahahah *wink*

Shoshweeeetttttt 1st peck on the cheek in Melbourne ?

I don’t know why but we spent alot of time with the anchor 😛

Arrived at Cape Woolamai


It was suppose to be a surfer’s paradise but then it was winter when we arrived, that’s why we are the only one there.

trying to take a poo poo.

” Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) ”

Koala Bear wanna be

Hahahahahaha she kinda fit that.

Yay! Didn’t want to get down to the beach as I afraid that the sands might spoil the boots that Kind jasmine borrowed me.

A candy shop besides A maze n Thing

the most awesome Maze and thing.

Do you realize there’s a invisible pipe connector?

keatttt daooooo…….

Busy digging gold.

I wanted to curi this mini gold digger back so that I can dig gold!

mini golf field for kids below 12.


The prices.

Common Optical illusion pictures on the wall.

Was feeling so dizzy in there. Everything was builted at a 45 degree angle.

The sink

the rubbish bin

MJ wannabe. so now we know MJ’s secret!

I became huge for a moment.

Ber-romance with the mirror

Why I am the only one who is not looking at the focus point? 😕

The toilets

was shocked! 😯

the corridor

I am very sure I wouldn’t want to eat this

neither this

This one doesn’t look fresh hahaha

This one too normal

Too cheeky hahahahaha 😳

The shape of  Leslie and Chris

The shape of soo yee and me

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13th July 2010

Good Morning.

The Big Ass Screen at Federation Square

Spot us…. Spotted

Reached Fedaration Square

to pay a visit at ACMI ( Australian Center for the Moving Image )

Bought a double pass ticket for both Tim Burton Exhibition and European Master

The batman car

Balloon boy

Before heading into the Tim Burton’s exhibition , we 1st had fun at ACMI

Kinda cute like a robot. *teehee*

All sort of video cameras, Tv, games and projectors from the past until the present time.

Lucite Television

It sure very old.

Carlie Chaplin

Felix the cat.

I used to have one Felix’s t-shirt back in childhood era.

Astro boy.

This always reminds me of Justin Chu, I don’t know why.

Toy’s story

Star wars


Costume from Moulin Rouge

All sorts of games set from the past until now are available here.

He’s busy playing with the shadow monster

This is how he look like if  he were to become a monster one day

TY the Tasmanian Tiger

You won’t feel anything special judging by the picture

This is how exactly look like in live.

Then it’s time to go for the exhibit of Tim Burton’s. No pictures were allowed to be taken. A lot of famous Tim Burton’s movies that he exhibit there such as the recently one Alice in the wonderland, Batman, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, Edward Scissorshand, Sweeney Todd, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and etc. Inside we saw lots of props used in Tim Burton’s movies like the real costume used in Batman, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

I guess it was because of winter that’s why the tree are all bald.

Gathered at Willy’s ( Soo Nee’s bf ) house before we head to Mount Dandenong.

Should have pose in more gaya style to make it look like as if we are Mr. and Mrs. Smith 😳

I was actually shocked to see this coming. Theyare like well-trained postman came in one by one

until it form a line full with all the yellow striking postmen. Awesome! 😯

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