Went badminton. since the moment we start busying our final we didnt get to exercise much so thnx for babe cui lin for gather us out for badminton, enjoyed!
The old racquet but still lurve this the most out of so many that i had, this is the best one go go Carlton!! =)
I think i should have ask u guys to go for cycling or basketball or maybe jogging next time =P

The lazy one lol rest alot, lol!!Tee hee!! ME oppz!! was so surprise that I dnt even feel tired after 2 hours Badminton hmm not bad not bad!!After 2 hours of badminton, decided to eat -.-
Wong wan ting
Wei Lun and KokoTan Chee hau
and here’s the babe cui lin the organizer!!The Cute and Kumitang one HerngxyME *wink wink* hehe Bitch Tee’s on me but i am not the Bitch, I dont bitch!! lol
This is the fried chic. that kills me had alot alot before my kui teow thn’g come *Slurp*

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watched red cliff with the whole Kampong of Graphic students just to release stress LOL
bought 24tickets for everyone and that makes the guy pening!!
He’s the smartest guy that i love the most in the show *thumbs up babe!* and there is this girl wearing skirt OH MO!!!
i knew her 8 years and this is the 1st time ever i see her wearing skirt in front of me damn!!
tried out with the fish eye len kinda fun tho!

This is so not cool i dont want that big kinda heavy to me
this is what we do usually when we are bored!! miss ya babes.
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