12th July 2010

It was the finale for the 2010 FIFA world cup. As from the beginning I have already supported the GREAT Spain will win the world cup and they had finally made it through the final round with Netherlands. Woke up in the middle of the night watch the whole game with Adrian Lim.

It was a long game. As usual, final what. What you expect! And Spain were playing Fcuking hard to get the title. see-ing Iniesta puts Spain on top of the world make me wanna had my tears of joy dropping down.

All this while, I have been waking up middle of the night to see every of their match. Now that they had finally won it, it worth all my beauty sleep and my mentally and physically support to them, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

They deserves it. 🙂

Heartiest breakfast.

All packed and ready to go.

Good morning people.

Sunrise in Melbourne.

the 1st driver of the day.

I wasnt aware when Leslie took over the 2nd driver place.

As I was sleeping in the car through the whole journey due to used up all my energy to support Spain the whole night.

and she is admiring the view.

garmin Nuvi Rocks.

Reached the petrol station at Port Campbell to filled up the car.

Stopped by at Room Six for our brunch.

day special on the board.

Even we were sitting inside and still we felt so damn COLD, so I cannot imagine if we were to sit outside that time how we would turned into.

The menu.

Had alot of hot choc. there. We had hot beverage all the time as the weather both outside and inside are way too cold for a cold drink. My 1st hot choc.


Hot tea

Soo Yee  Brekkie Special.

Chris  incredibly huge burger.

I am serious!! It is enormously HUGE! no joke.

Both me and Leslie decided to share a vegetarian pizza.

Even we shared still we could not finished whole pizza. 😯 we should have shared a pizza for four of us.

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12th June 2010

Went up to Batu Ferringhi to get my Spain Jersey no.9 as Has been searching around in Penang and there’s no other places have my Torres’s world cup jersey so TAK BOLEH tahan anymore L size pun hentam saja.

Was plan to went up and buy my jersey then go back home sleep but after reached at Hydro Hotel and just started to worry that we might have enough petrol to go up and down from Batu Ferringhi to Jalan Delima.

But I bo kam muan, BECAUSE I STILL HAVEN’t got my JERSEYYY!!! so parked our car at Hydro Hotel and called Future CM Edward to fetched us up while he’s on his way. YAY!!!

So after satisfaction, we met up at Cool Bananas

which located inside Park Royal Hotel

and have some chilling football session

with a big screen projector showing the Argentina and Nigeria

have their promotion mug for RM10++

I said hey c’mon don’t look at me, concentrate on the screen!!! 😛

caught the guys really enjoying the match.

a whole row of flag line

CAN U SEE it???


He’s back for nose surgery.

Don’t you think that his nose look like Michael Jackson’s nose???? HAHAHAHA

Really really really old friend’s. Don’t expect that we can still be that close after graduated from Primary 🙂 Too bad there are alot of them couldn’t join in. Oh well perhaps there’s a chance for all of us to meet up.

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FIFA world cup 2010

Four year once had finally arrived. It was so good as everyone will all be into football fever as this will be the only hot topic for the one whole month wheter you like it or not, or wheter you are a fan of football or not.

And this year it will be held in South Africa.

Out of all the 8 stadium I personally like the Johannesburg stadium’s design the best.

And the great Nelson Mandela will appear. FYI, he’s the previous president in Africa and he’s one of the most influence man in the world, if you want to know more about him you should watch Invictus. A very good movie.

And the only team will win for the year 2010 definitely will be SPAIN!!! *according to VIVIAN TAN* hahaha I don’t fcuking care about England or Brazil or whatsoever kesimpulan-nya it have to be SPAIN.

Because I ? Fernando Torres. This year no more David Beckham so I shift my aim to Torres, he’s just as hot as Beckham.

but I don’t like her wife, he deserve a better one. 🙁 And btw I support Spain not just because handsome guys like Fernando Torres or David Villa or Cesc Fàbregas or Pepe Reina or Xavier Hernández but because Spain has alot of superb footballer. wheeee so they have to win. :mrgreen:

I don’t fcuking care wheter other people asked U know football meh? keh gau gau follow nia, but since this is a four year once huge event like we had our election 5 years once. So I shall follow the trend : AKU SEMANGAT BOLA!!!  😈

Went over to Batu Ferringhi and bought alot of football jersey. The quality amazingly good! Got myself a Germany and South Africa one for the 1st round I went up and felt so sad that I couldn’t get my Spain jersey no.9 😡 I wanted to cry so badly as the uncle said my size was out of stock!! FML!

And I seriously beh ho seh without having it so went up again for the 2nd time the following weekend and I don’t fcuking care wheter got my size or not just grab the smallest size he had which is L size and also which is the ONE LAST PIECE. I SUPER DUPER HYPER HAPPY atm I got it. FANTASTIC.

The front.

The back!! YAy!!! Im gonna wear it whenever Spain is in the match.

On the 1st match which South Africa vs Mexico I wore my south africa jersey hahahahaha it was so funny where they finally had their first goal babe asked me to stand beside the tv and act like I am one of them so that I joined in the celebration like my team is winning hahahahahahaha but the whole match was superb boring hahahahaha it doesn’t excite me at all because both of the team super chan *sigh* disappointed thought they will have the Mandela’s spirit wan. aiks.

I guess once the world cup did not end I guess everyone will be very tired in the day time while working as all the matches will be held in the night and middle of the night. oh well is just four year once.

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