There’s a surprise post for those who know about this
Babe, do u all still remember this? hahahaha
Ya. It was our EYTC 2002 logbook muahahahah
I didnt know I still kept it until now fuh.
but i just threw it away after i snapped all those pictures down and post it up here.
Brings back memories right hahahahahahahahah

remember we spent so much time just to do the cover itself. it was jac’s idea if im not wrong.
The gold SUN!

I dont know what the hell is going on with all the pictures, even I did the rotation d but still after upload it still terbalik. So people just ignore it.
Try your best to turn ur head ok? 🙂

Yeah Our Logo. that time we are still Pandu Puteri not yet Ranger. And guess what it was
our 1st combined camp with free school.

Our Patrol Cheetah! woooooooooo~
to bad i forgot the slogan d 😛
hahahahahaha my artwork
Jac’s artwork. aiksss compare to mine her’s wan looks much more mature hahahahahaha but mine wan more effort ok. I need to do alot of cutting.
The post!
ATL: Ivan Ooi
yeah and from there I get to know alot of “guys” hahahaha yea yeah guys. 🙂
and I know ZAID hahahahahahah *blush blush*
Our own patrol post!
and I am the food quartermistress. hahaha WHY GAVE ME THAT POST?
lee soo yee and sherril leow’s post! AND I COULDNT find eileen gan name in there!!!!
i just know that she’s even more pathetic than me NO POST! hahahahaha
The guy profile (Patrol LEader)
ME me Me mE meeeeeeeeeeee
Yeah My ambition was to become a Designer. And YES I am now a designer haha Im the only one who really fulfill my dream since young
Okler back to FEW YEARS time everytime I filled in the form for ambition part I will always wrote there

i. Designer
ii. Model
iii. Stewardess

EE OO EE, Look at what U’ve wrote there for ur ambition
DESIGNER!!!! and why the hell are u now bcm HOTEL MANAGEMENT??? 😛
Ini chabo even worst!
SECRET!!!!!!!! WTF is that??? hahahaha
ok but i know what her ambition when small.

LAWYER yang bercakap banyak banyak!!!Sherril leow wants to become……………ARTIST!!!!! eh dont laugh! She can draw better than me alot ok.And her???

Tourguide!!!! hahaha jac when r u gonna be my tourguide and bring me travel around?
The photos.

There’s alot more in my photo album
See childish us wrote something here.

Sherril I couldnt found urs wan >.U didnt write kah?

Oh well, I guess U gurls wana cry d is it??? hahaha miss those time.
fuh~ best nia. eventough we didnt won overall but we still get 1st runner up what!
NO bad d ler for the 1st time hahahaha
anyway thanks to me ok?
I put effort on this post 😛


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I missssss themm!

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hahahahaha we had fun

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