Big changes

It has been awhile since I did some massive damage on my pocket and make it into a major changes for my entertainment.

From Motorola First Generation V3i

The 1st flip phone that I’ve ever had

to my favourite 1st smart phone samsung galaxy s.

was fed up with all those hidden charges by Maxis.

So made up my mind, from Maxis postpaid

and made the smarter choice, *singing I will follow you* change into Digi Prepaid.

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From prepaid to postpaid today =)
self-control needed…
or else pocket empty lol
Oh ya,
he’s back finally
kinda miss miss
but feels like
no longer that close, lack of being care like last time anymore
wanted to msg everytime
i am afraid that he dont wish me to kacau
think too much
come back
Vivian Tan
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