Pa-the-tic! H e l p m e.

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Story about nothing!

Oh well it’s been a long time i didnt blog something more individual and personal here. It’s all about pictures so now i mean NOW seriously NOW 😛 i am gonna blog something more interesting here.

Time flies. It’s true! U see when the last time u see me I am just a lil. gurl still go to school and college everyday and now *serious* I am proceeding to another stage of life —– working life.

One more month to go I am gonna become legal adult dii 🙁 how i wish I can be 21 forever!

Lately there’s a lot of “juicy stuff” among my circle of friends.

Love come Love go! Well I bet all this shall be part of life. For those who just broke up with ur love one here’s my words to u gurls : Babes dont worry there shall be another right guy waiting for u, please just dont be too sad for too long. Do remember I will always love u all kayss??? *hugs*

There’s something I want to know but anyway it no longer that important anymore so aler just forget about it 🙂

few more days to go here comes 3 month anniversary dii whee~ * love love love * seriously when u sit down and think whatever you had done throughout the whole process of your life slowly count one by one, each and everything part of your life 1….2……3……4……5…..6…..and so on and then u will feel like “fuh~ time flies, my god! why am i growing up so fast?? how i wish i can turn back the time when i was just a little cute mummy girl which used to listen to dearest mummy sing lullaby when we sleep or back to a little handsome daddy son which used to cry and yearn for their hugs”

Oh another thing VIVIAN TAN IS GROWING FATTER and FATTER hahahaha 😛

~end of bullshitting here~

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