Take you to the world of design =P
Please get urself ready!
here we go….
Branding design : Meow ClubEvent Design : Season’s print fashion show
That’s it. Not enough?? who ask you didnt come and visit or else u might get to experience and feel the mood of meow club for 3 days and enjoy the event of season’s print fashion show as well LOL~
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The camera guys Ah eng & Khan Khan
Lecturer of mine : Chris ChooSweet Lecturer of mine: Miss Low

She’s the one, babe cui lin! Rawk this showcase Xoxo!
Signing…there my name muahahatua painyerr
Tears of happiness I suppose hahah…tears drop of art director while the multemedia was playing
The PR of the day ( cakap banyak betui orang ni ) Best Entertainer as well-Leslie Kon
The Vice Chairman- Adrian Lim CHIN JOOI Explaining….The reason Im doing a club…bla bla bla Black sheep.. Hahah I love this picture looks like as if i want to makan itu VIP lol
My neighbour of my booth-Jummy ( star idol ) She’s my bestie in my class knew her since form 1- wan ting ( turns lady and pretty on the 1st day phew-wit! )Thnx babes, I really appreciated it Thnx for my fav. sunflowers,
Thnx sherril for coming back from KL just to gave me surprise
*tears drop*
*tee hee*
Miss Pageant I guess lol We rawk this showcase Wuhuu!!
We are the champion!!

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