Winter trip – Melbourne 2nd day

9th July 2010

Woke up and greeted with the morning breeze of Melbourne.

The place we stayed.

The parking signage.

The Melbourne tram. How I wish we can have this tram systems in Penang but we got no such big land and big budget for this. Imagine, if we do have this life would be so much easier.

Just right opposite the apartment there are a huge building own by a bank and in front of it there are alot of statues standing and posing out there.

Florist??? yea, it is.

Such lovely idea by opening a florist on the road side.

Bicycles for rent.


Boo just look so tiny compare to the ang mo in there. haha

Still have’t got used with the temperature there.

Tram stop

Our 1st stop! Queen Victoria Market

Section by section

Very very very huge morning market.

never been to such huge market in my life before. Is like a Tesco in Malaysia

Spotted something that caught our attention.

A moving doughnut Kitchen’s van. Queuing for that.

that’s what I wanted to experience. Western country’s life.

The food court inside the market.

Seated and ready to eat.

forgotten what is this called. I know I ordered a set of breakfast

which came with this cup of cappuccino

Doughnuts which got jam flavour.

Mr. B’s Hot choco.

a plate of mini pancakes.

and soo yee’s cappuccino.

It may look small

but there are alot of choices.

Time to shop for our dinner for the rest of our stay.

Meat section.

They loves meats, I guess.


The cleanness, the odorless and the systematicness that make me like the market so much. Is just like a shopping mall. I went to the public toilet is just as clean as our hotel toilet here, it was so well-maintain.

Dairy product sections

Cheese??? yes cheeseeeee 🙂 whatever cheese u want u can get it here. cheddar kah, creame cheese kah, Mozzarella cheese kah, Parmesan cheese kah, as long as it is cheese. and they actually had cheese tasting there.

Soo yee : I think we should cook cheese with bacon in the morning for breakfast lo.

Chris : uh huh??? bacon?? which means we need to buy bacon also??

so we headed to buy us some bacons.

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Party weekend

18th June 2010

Was suppose to be a friend of *me love* bachelor partay but it seems like a normal weekend party in the club as usual, nothing special. So “ou ta” wan haha

Alcohol is good?

Not really.

yeeee… so smelly.

The chics.

19th June 2010

It was Aunt Mary’s birthday at Bagan.

The entrance. Was actually me and My Mr. Bf 1st date place before we became couple after Mizi Restaurant. (Mizi that time still haven’t really officially have feelings so TAK KIRA) haha

The prezzie

Started with the appetizer.

My main dish – Salmon.

This gluttony fella couldn’t make his mind of choosing one main dish but he choose platter for all three dishes into one. tsk tsk…

Cake cutting session.

It’s time to dance.

They enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Aunt Mary.

After dinner. Head over to 69 to celebrate this girl’s birthday. I kissed a girl. 😳

Tan Chee Hau, I met your old friend. 😆

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Hennesy Artistry 2010

27th May 2010 – Thursday

One year once happening event- Hennesy Artistry in Qe2.  *free booze* wheee

Actually this was my 1st time got the tix for joining the return of hennesy artistry partay!

A very good quality paper material and printing for the invitation card.

Too bad I wasn’t allow to get the card back after registered myself.

Was so coincidently we girls all wore black dress.

Wanted to take another picture just in case the 1st one not nice manatau!!!! SISTER u block the vision ler tiu nia seng!!

my boo 😳

Finally she’s back in Penang for internship yay!! ada partner again.

Hot mama.



Too bad tutu came back but Ivee’s leaving 🙁 is okie at least we was very enjoyed that night. It has been awhile I got tipsy and feel high! cmon everybody, rock this party, it was a very wonderful weekend.

P/s : It wasn’t very complete with all the pictures as the rest of the pictures are taken in different camera which is not mine.

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