Every breath you take and every move you make Every bond you break,every step you take I’ll be watchin’ you Every single day and every word you say Every game you play,every night you stay I’ll be watchin’ you Oh, can’t you see You belong to me How my poor heart aches With every step you take

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For u I will

Looking in your eyes
I see a paradise
This world that
I found is too good to be true
Standing here beside you,
want so much to give you
This love in my heart that
I’m feeling for you
I’m so glad I found you,
I’m not gonna lose you
Whatever it takes,
I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times,
see it through the bad times
Whatever it takes is what I’m gonna do
Let ’em say we’re crazy,
I don’t care ’bout that
Put your hand in my hand baby,
don’t ever look back
Let the world around us just fall apart
Baby, we can make it if we’re heart to heart
And we can build this dream together,
standing strong forever
Nothing’s gonna stop us now
And if this world runs out of lovers,
we’ll still have each other
Nothing’s gonna stop us now
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99 times I love HIM
addicted to it– fate, for me to fall in love with you ( ??????? )
how sweet;
so sweet.
HURT as well.
how sad;
so sad.
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